The things they say and do! You Jork!

The boys play quite well together but sometimes they do have their little rifts and disagreements which are normally over Jak not wanting to play the game that Joseph is suggesting.

The other day they were arguing because Jak had had enough of playing outside and wanted to come indoors and do something different, he went to walk away and Joseph shouted

“You JORK!”

Jak laughed at him which just made Joseph even more cross

“I think that you have your words mixed up Joseph, It’s not JORK, It’s Dork!”

Although I don’t agree with the boys calling each other names, I couldn’t help but giggle this one time. I think he got a bit muddled up with Jerk and Dork!


“Does Oliver not Love me Mum?”

“Why do you ask that, Joseph?”

“Because he screams at me all the time whenever I am near him!”


The other evening after bathing Oliver I got him dressed into his pyjamas (which were new) he noticed that they were a pair that he had never worn before, he smiled and got really excited by doing a little dance. I took him downstairs to his dad where he turned around in front of him, pointing to his pyjamas saying “Jarmies Jarmies Dad” Small things eh!


Joseph came out of school last Friday with a little gift that he had made in class, it was a beautiful little heart shaped keyring with a picture of himself on it and on the other side was a drawing of someone with blonde hair (Daddy has black hair)

“Who is your drawing of Joseph?”

“Well we was asked to draw someone we loved so i drew you!”

“Aaw, that is lovely Joseph, I love it! But it’s daddy’s day soon didn’t you want to make him one?”

“No, that’s ok we can just buy him something from the shop!”


What have you children been up to lately? Have they said anything that has made you smile or laugh?




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