The sun has got his hat on

Yesterday we saw something in the sky that we hadn’t seen for a while!

It was big, it was bright, it was shining and it was lovely……The Sun!

The big yellow thing in the sky mad an appearance and we made the most of it by taking a trip to our local park to feed the ducks. The sky was blue and the winds had calmed right down, it really was a very pleasant day.



Jak, the eldest, was out in the morning with his Dad taking part in his first cross country 5 mile race, so our trip to the park was quite later in the day but the sun was still shining. We normally visit this park to play in the outdoor gym and parkour area but instead we took a walk around the lake to feed the ducks.




Oliver loves throwing in pieces of bread to the birds, he squeals with delight when a duck swims over to eat his bread.

After feeding the bread we walked around the park and found a huge tree trunk that had been pulled up out of the ground.



The boys quickly began exploring the trunk, climbing over it and walking along it.



And obviously I took the opportunity to take some shots with my phone at different angles (the boys love to pose)



Our trip to the park was a lovely day out, it was just nice to be out in the fresh air with no wind and rain about.

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2 thoughts on “The sun has got his hat on

  1. It was such a lovely day, it couldn’t fail to lift spirits, we were outdoors a lot too, it was a real taster of spring, more please! I love shots into a low sun like that, I think it gives a great effect. Thank you for sharing your sunny day on Country Kids.

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