The Scallywags 23/365

The youngest is in charge of choosing the bedtime book.

This evening he chose ‘The Scallywags’ a book about some unruly wolves who disrupt meal times among the other animals with their bad habits and behaviour. 

The boys love this book as they call themselves a scallywag as that is the name of the agency that they belong to. 

In the beginning the wolves are unkempt and behave badly with no manners and always mess up meal times with the other animals. They begin to realise that the animals are avoiding them so they decided to try and change their habits and ways. In the end the other animals are the ones to realise that they miss the scallywags and want the old ones back.

We always finish the day with a story, unless it’s been a really tiring, long day. Story time is important, it teaches children the importance of books and reading. It’s crucial to their literacy development. They quickly pick up impression and it enhances their understanding and communication.

What are you reading this evening?


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