The Pox have landed

Last Thursday afternoon I noticed a suspicious looking blistery spot on Oliver’s neck, after close inspection I noticed there was a few more around the ear. I kept a close eye on them for the next couple of hours and didn’t see anymore appear, My initial thought was Chicken Pox, but as with previous experience with my older two they didn’t start popping up quick and fast so I thought that maybe they were gnat bites. It wasn’t until about 4 hours later when he started to get a temperature and flushed cheeks that I knew it was the start of chicken pox.


Unlike the eldest two, he didn’t become covered from head to toe in spots with hours, it actually took 3 days for them all to appear. By monday morning he was still getting some spots appear on his scalp and with in the groin area.

Over the weekend he had a few very uncomfortable, disrupted nights of sleep. He was itching away and kept telling me that he didn’t feel very well. On the second night he had a fever and soaked through his pyjamas and bed sheets with sweat, he was clearly suffering.


I had tried the normal treatment, calamine lotion but he just screamed when i put it on him, maybe because it was cold or maybe because it stung him, I’m not sure but he was clearly not happy. I also gave him Piriton to help stop him from itching the spots, but he didn’t like the taste and just spat it back out.

We tried

  • Calamine Lotion – A mild antiseptic that dries up white on the skin
  • Virasoothe – Chicken pox relief cooling gel, I told him that this was magic water and that i would rub it onto his skin to make it better. I rubbed it between my hands first to warm it up a bit and he didn’t seem to mind until it went on one of his blistered spots and then he screamed and wriggled away from me
  • Nurofen to bring down his temperature
  • Aveeno Oil – A bath oil that has oatmeal and softening oils
  • Piriton Syrup – Gives fast relief to itchy rashes
  • Bicarbinate of Soda – Place 4 tbsp into bath water

We also tried a lot of fun stuff too, to make him feel like happy about getting spots all over his body

The boys stuck lots of little red dots on to their teddy bears, so that they had chicken pox too

Oliver with his spotty teddy
Oliver with his spotty teddy

Oliver painted his older brothers with watered down red paint, he dotted spots all over them. The boys didn’t mind doing this and actually thought it was very funny, but they did quickly run off into the bath to wash them off before they dried.


We put calamine onto our selves to show him that it didn’t sting and I also told him how brave he was.

It is day 6 of Oliver having chicken pox and he still has a few that have not been scabbed over and are still blistered (but they are beginning to scab), especially on his scalp (these are the ones that came out on Monday) I initially thought that his case of the pox wouldn’t be too bad as he didn’t have too many spots to starts with but as his spots took 4 days to all come out it has turned out to be a long time for him to suffer with being irritable and uncomfortable. He has become very clingy, ratty and very moany, all he wants is me to be with him (day and night)

Here’s hoping that he will be all clear by tomorrow 🙂


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