The nightmare of teething

Oliver is 6 months old now and has been sleeping through the night since he was about 3 months, which is a godsend as my other two never did this until they was about a year old. Both my partner and myself were over the moon, eventually we had a baby that enjoyed his sleep as much as we did

UNTIL !!!!!!


Oh dear, he now wakes up once in the night, which i know isn’t bad really but when you have been given a few months of peaceful sleep it really is a nightmare. I do leave him murmuring and fidgeting in his cot and sometimes he will drop of back to sleep but most of the time he just gets noisier and noisier until i pick him up to comfort him. Now he is awake he wants feeding, so off i go to make up his bottle, this does help him drift back off to sleep.

Teething is such a painful time for the baby, it makes them irritable, grumpy and generally upset. Oliver has flushed cheeks and nose which has become quite sore and he is constantly chewing on his hands or anything that he can get his mouth to really. His chin is chapped from the dribbling that has been occurring and his gums are swollen and red. All of these are common signs of teething, but he has also been sick and had diarrhoea.

I have found that when i have given him his bottle all he wants to do is chew on the teet so i have been feeding him more solids just to make sure he is getting enough nutrients into his little body. He doesn’t normally cry so when he does i know that he must be in pain and its one of those really upset cries where the bottom lip drops and tears come into his lovely blue eyes.

I feel so useless, helpless, incapable of easing his pain, i want to help him as much as i can, no-one wants to see their little bubbas in pain and i am doing everything that i can. I have been using bonjella on his gums, giving him teething powders, letting him chew on bickie-pegs, bought him a Sofie la giraffe *which is just too cute*, given him paracetamol to bring down his temperature and ease the pain, put ice-cold teething rings into his mouth and bought him an Amber anklet, sounds like a lot eh! Not enough he is still suffering.

Most of the time i am like a walking zombie, where i have had no sleep from being up in the night, trying to settle him, i feel like screaming, im getting stressed, over nothing may i add. I find myself shouting at my boys or my OH because i am sleep deprived and have held the baby all day long, comforting him. I am incapacitated where i have no strength and am unable to function properly with normality.

Teething is painful for the baby but is a nightmare for the parents too!

This is one of many milestone that will occur in his life and i will be there for all of them (I hope), some i will look forward to and enjoy and some I’m sure will bring tears of joy and pain and some that i am certainly not looking forward to, like his first break up, but that is what being a ‘mummy’ means, supporting your child and comforting as much as you can.

If anyone can offer any advice on how to deal with teething, anything is appreciated!

My bubba with his flushed cheeks!



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  1. Poor you! I really sympathise as my daughter suffers terribly with teething, she’s now 15 months and working on tooth number 14! I’ve tired lots of things but the best remedy seems to Calprofen ibuprofen (anti inflammatory so helps better than paracetamol) and lots of cuddles. She really suffers with bad nappy rash and flushed cheeks too, for that we’ve ended up with cream from the Dr, but it was very sore & bleeding!

    I hope you find something that helps, teething really is rotten for babies and mummies & daddies! x

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