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I love the innocence of children and enjoy listening to them and the funny things they say, My Son Joseph is typical when it comes to saying the funniest things.

The other day we were all in the kitchen and my 4 year old had accidentally slipped over, i thought he was doing it on purpose because he was very tired and was just playing up so i was just about to tell him to calm down and behave when he said “I should be on Stupid Frame”. I wasn’t sure what he was going on about so i asked him to repeat himself, he just started laughing with my eldest who was in fits of giggles. It took me a minute or so to realise what he actually meant. The previous day we had all been sitting down in the living room watching T.V and guess what the programme was what  we were watching…. “You’ve Been Framed”.

Jak and Joseph, my two boys have recently been filming themselves talking about their favourite games, making up stories and interviewing each other, they call themselves ‘Jak & Joseph TV’.  Anyway Joseph had learnt to ride his bike last weekend without the stabilizers and he was riding around the block on his Bicycle with Daddy and big brother running beside him. Jak, my eldest ran off ahead so he could arrive home before them as he wanted to film his little brother cycling and pulling up outside the house. Jak was waiting outside camera in hand, filming his brother come down the street. Joseph stopped outside the house and Jak started to ask him loads of questions for the film, like what was his name and how old he was. Jospeh was chatting away to the camera as Jak followed him indoors, Joseph sat down on the bottom step to the stairs and started to remove his shoes, he then skipped off doing a little celebration dance shouting “Put Me On YouTube”.

What funny things do your children do or say?

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4 thoughts on “The funny things they say / Stupid Frame

  1. Love the idea of Jak and Joseph TV. When I was younger, my grandfather lived in Canada, so I used to tape record myself talking to him or playing the piano. Just everyday stuff. I remember it being really fun so I’m sure your boys must be having an amazing time being able to video everything as well.

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