The funny things they say and do: NO!

Living with 2 young children I constantly over hear the funny conversations that they have. My youngest is 4 years old and sometimes confuses his words and mixes up their meanings.

I had bought him a little toy from a shop and it had a tag attached to it, he sat looking at it for a while and then asked me why it had No sign on it. He was pointing at the symbol of the age warning

Me: That sign is to say that children of nought to three can’t use it

Oliver: So no naughty children can play with it?!

Me: No, Oliver. No nought to three-year olds are advised tp play with it

Oliver: Oh! So no naughty three-year olds can play with it

I ended up changing my wording and said not naughty, nought, zero! He was mis hearing the wording nought to as naughty!

DSC_2358 (1)

I have a family calendar hung up in the kitchen, it has a space for all of the family for which I write down all of our appointments on. Under the heading Mum, it has a NO for this saturday. Joseph likes to look at the calendar every now and then to see what the family are up to. Yesterday I was sitting in the living room and I heard him say to his older brother “So that says Fly, but I think that is for all of us as Mum has put a line all the way across the calendar under all of our names, but why has Mum put NO under her name for this weekend?” His brother couldn’t answer him so he came into the living room and asked me why it says NO

Joseph: Mum, why do you have NO written on the calendar under your name?

Me: Because it means Night Out

Joseph: I don’t get it!

Me: Well, what does Night begin with?

Joseph: N

Me: And what does Out begin with?

Joseph: O

Me: So, instead of writing Night Out I abbreviated it to NO

Joseph: So it doesn’t mean NO, it means Night Out

Me: Yes

Jak (older brother): So why do you always tell us that N O spells No? Have you been lying to us Mum? So when you tells us No it means you’re having a night out!

Cheeky little so and so has an answer for everything, he is very witty!




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