The funny things they say and do! Free cash and Wartime

Whilst walking down the street the other day Joseph pointed to the cash point machine that was on a wall outside a shop..

Joseph: “Look mummy a cash machine”

Mummy: “Yes, Joseph it is” nodding in agreement

Joseph: “It say’s Free Cash mummy!”

Mummy: “I know Joseph but it’s not free cash as such”

Joseph: “Is it one cash then?” Looking all confused

I laugh

Mummy: “No Joseph”

Joseph: “What is it then? Is it 2 or 4?

I then explain to him that it means that you can get your money from the machine for free and you will not be charged any extra money to take it out.

Joseph: “So where does the cash come from?

Mummy: “You have to work to earn money”

Joseph: “BUT you don’t work mummy and you have money!”

Mummy: “Yes, your right but daddy goes to work everyday to earn the money for the family to spend and I stay at home to look after you boys”

Joseph: “You do work mummy because you come into my school and sit with children”

Mummy: ” Yes, darling i do, but mummy doesn’t get paid for that, I do it because to help out and because i enjoy being with the children”

Joseph: “Oh Ok, I understand! Anyway you do work because you cook and clean dont you?”

Mummy: ” Yes Joseph, I’m glad you noticed that!”

Joseph was talking about his school project that they have been learning in school. The topic has been 1940’s.

Joseph: “Do you know that During the war mummy children had to leave their parents and homes”

Mummy: “Yes, They did, it’s sad isn’t it?”

Joseph: “Yes! I’m glad i didn’t live then because i would miss you too much and cry everyday, I never want to leave you!”

Gosh, I love that boy so much it bloody hurts!!

Have your children done or said anything funny?

I would love to hear what they have done, please leave a comment below šŸ™‚

Thank you for reading x


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