The funny things they say and do! A pinball, The Sea and The World

On a recent trip to the seaside, we parked the car down near the seafront to take a walk along the promenade. Joseph was looking out to the sea

Joseph: “Where’s It all gone?”

Me: “What Joseph?”

Joseph said angrily : “The water! There is no water in the Sea!”

Me: “The tide is out darling! It is out there but just far away!”

It took him a while to understand, he just kept looking out at the horizon searching for the edge of the sea. He even decided to have a little jog over the sand down to the seas edge just to check that the sea hadn’t run out of water!


Joseph was talking about the world, the shape it is and the countries in it!

Joseph: “Mum, if the world is round then what country will I need to go to so I can walk off of the edge?”

Me: ” Joseph the world is round so if you walk from one country to the other and keep on going until you get back to where you started from, you will never walk off of the edge!”

Joseph: ” Well, where is the end of the world then?”

Me: “There isn’t such a place!”

Joseph: “Then how do those people get up into space then?”

Me: “Astronauts go up in space by a rocket that leaves the ground and it goes upwards! Not along the ground!”

Joseph: “Why do people talk about the end of the earth on films then if there isn’t such place!”


It was a warm day outside and I said the boys could have an ice-cream from the shop, I was asking them what sort they would like

Joseph said “A Pinball one!”

A Pinball! What’s that then?” I said

“The one with the ice-cream and the thing that I am not allowed at the bottom!

“Oh! A screwball!”


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