The funny things they say and do!

My boys can sometimes have me in fits of laughter with the sayings that come out with especially Joseph. The past week i have been taking down notes on what he has been saying..

Joseph and his big brother were playing Harry Potter on the PS3 and Jak got stuck on a particular part, he asked me what to do and as i am no computer whizz kid i couldn’t help him, so as i walked off Joseph said

“Mum you have to help us, you must know how Harry defeated the dragon”

“I’m sorry Joseph but i don’t know, I haven’t watched the film for a long time”

” Well you should know because you are really old!”

Thank you Joseph!

It was breakfast time and i asked Joseph what he wanted to eat, he picked up a box and said these ones that you can colour the box in, I told him they were called Rice Krispies. I poured them out into a bowl and he put his ear to them and with a sad face said “There not working as i can’t hear any talking” I said that the magic won’t work without the milk.


Joseph was doing his weekly spellings, i left him at the table as i had to deal with the baby after a minute or so he came over to me with a completed piece of work as i looked at his work he told me to Annoy the crossed out letters as he got them wrong, I think he meant Ignore!

We was talking about some of the children in school and who were the boys friends, Joseph told me that there was a boy in Reception who he liked and played with but couldn’t remember his name, I asked him what he looked like and he told me that he was about a high foot using his hands to show me how tall he was, Lol bless him.

My last saying i would like to share with you all is one that he just randomly came out with whilst sitting down on the sofa

“It’s a hard life getting older isn’t it mummy!”

Is there anything that your children have said or done this week that has made you chuckle?


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