The funny things they say and do

Whilst on our weekend away the other week we was sitting in the campsites club house and the children were all on the dance floor dancing to the disco music, the compere decided to stop the music and go out on to the floor to ask the children if knew any jokes to tell. Joseph piped up with this joke:

3 toads entered a hotel and asked for a room, the man said sorry but we don’t have any left but you are welcome to sleep in the bathroom.
They all said yes and off they went.
The next morning the toads were asked how their night was so the toad who slept in the toilet said “well first it went dark then it started raining and finally a log fell me!?!?” …..

Joseph version had lots of uhmms and errrs and quite a bit of giggles too.
He sounded so cute over the microphone, but I’m not sure anyone understood the joke .

Joseph was sitting at the table waiting for breakfast, when I put his bowl down in front of him he said to Jak
“I’m having cackle pop for breakfast”
Think he meant coco pops…

I was ill this week and laid up in bed so the boys spent some time laying on the bed with me watching TV. Joseph was playing on the iPad so Jak started rubbing my feet and told me he would give me a foot massage to make me feel better. Aaw!!!!

I have been teaching Oliver some names of colours and everytime I say blue he repeats with the word ‘Bum’
Not sure where he has got this from but having two big brothers probably haven’t helped.

What have your children been up to this week? Have they said or done anything that have made you laugh or smile?
Please leave a comment below..

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