The funny things my boys say and do! Missing poster

Daddy took Joseph to his weekly gymnastics class on sunday morning and they was running a bit late as we all had a lay in. Joseph hadn’t eaten his breakfast so Daddy made him a jam sandwich, Joseph is a very slow eater so when it was time to leave for the class he still had half of his sandwich left. Daddy told him he could take the plate and eat it on the way in the car, which he did. After he had eaten it he passed the plate over to his Dad as there was lots of crumbs on it and Daddy didn’t want them to fall onto the floor of the car, so he emptied them out of the window (I know naughty daddy) anyway the wind caught the plate and blew it right out of his hands and down the street. Joseph was very upset, he is quite a sensitive boy and started sobbing uncontrollably as he started to shout at his dad saying that it was his best plate and how he was never going to see it again and that some other little boy will now have his plate. Daddy tried to calm him down telling him that Mummy would buy him a new one, Joseph went quiet and told his Dad that he was going to make a ‘Missing’ Poster and put it up in the park and hopefully someone will return it to his house. During the previous week we had seen a picture of a dog on a tree in our local park and Joseph wanted to know what it was all about, I told him that the little dog was lost and that the owners wanted him back and was offering a reward to anyone who finds and returns him. Joseph looked at the picture and said that the doggy looked like his friends little dog and that maybe his friends dog wasn’t really their dog but it was the missing dog instead. I explained to him that the Poster says that the dog’s name is Belle and his friends dog was called Charlie so they wasnt the same dog. He came home telling his brothers and Dad about the missing dog called Belle and hasn’t stopped telling everyone about it since so I think that is where he got the idea of putting up a ‘missing poster’ for his dinner plate.

Joseph: Jak! Why is it when Mummy drink’s a Red Bull she doesn’t get wings like they do on the advert on television?

Jak: I don’t Joseph, maybe her wings are special ones that no-one can see.

Joseph: Well if we drink it do you think we will be able to fly?

Jak: Maybe but we will never know because mum says it’s an adults drink and we can’t taste it!

What have your children been up to this week, please leave a comment below i would love to read about them

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