The day my 11 Yr old met the Mayor

Today was a very special day for my eldest son Jak

Today he met the Mayor and was presented with a certificate and thanked personally for representing the borough in the London Mini Marathon and for volunteering to raise money for Chrons And Colitis.

Two weeks ago Jak received a letter in the post addressed to himself, inviting him along to the Town Hall to meet the mayor and to hand over any money that he had collected for the Mayors charity.

We arrived just in time to be greeted in the foyer, where other children who had competed also, along with Jak, were waiting to be led into the Mayors Chamber, The Mayor addressed the children and thanked them for such an amazing achievement, he explained what the charity was and how the money that they had raised would be helping children, like themselves, and adults within our borough.



Jak was beaming with pride as his name was called out and he made his way to the front of the chamber to be presented with a certificate by the Mayor and Mayoress



Although the marathon has been and gone and is only a small memory for some people, for Jak it is still fresh in his mind and he still can not believe that he ran in such an iconic race.

After having single photos with the Mayor the children were then led out back into the foyer where they posed for a group photo

20140514-202627.jpgUnfortunately not all of the children turned up, but that just meant that there were more biscuits for us lol

Jak felt very important today and so he should, as what he did was something to be very proud of!



2 thoughts on “The day my 11 Yr old met the Mayor

  1. Aw, well done Jak 🙂 What a lovely way to mark it. I bet you were all extremely proud.

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