The boys trip of a lifetime

For the past few days the boys have be looking through a very big book, so big that in fact it has the whole world in it! The Atlas!

The eldest has decided that once the youngest one, who is 3, reaches 16 he will take them all on a road trip around the world, well not quite a road trip as such as it will also include traveling by a row boat and a tri-plane (built by the boys). Don’t ask me how they intend on raising the oodles of money it would take for this trip to become reality or whether or not it would actually happen, but listening to them talk about what country they will visit, how they are going to get there and what route they will take has made me so proud of them. The fact that they are planning it together and taking into account each others views on where they want to visit and why. It’s made me realise how close they really are and that all the little arguments and scraps that they get into is just a part of siblings growing up together.

A part of the conversation I heard from them was……

Jak: What country next Joseph?

Joseph: How about That One (Joseph points to Hong Kong)

Jak: O.k

Joseph: Oh My Gosh! Jak. We are going to visit lots of countries, we could have a girlfriend in every one we visit! How long is it going to take us?

Jak: Maybe a year or so!

Joseph: Woah! What if I have a baby in another country!

He does make me laugh, but I think I need to be having a serious talk with him when he gets a little older lol

So with the world in their hands and money as no object, here are their plans…

Jaks article:

We are going to get a flight to Amsterdam then drive to Munich (Germany). After that we’ll drive to southern Italy and get a ferry to Malta. We will then fly back to France and get another flight to the United States of America. We’ll drive from New York to San Francisco and fly to Rio De Janeiro and play football! After that we’ll go to Thailand and travel to Ha Nol in Vietnam so that its easier to get a flight from Hong Kong to Tokyo. Lastly we’ll finish our trip with a nice, warm visit to Nan, In Cold Norton 🙂

We will use our scooters in San Francisco, our bikes in Munich, we will swim in Vietnam and fly our plane over the Swiss Alps.20140812-213947.jpg

I’ve been told that I can join them in Malta but I have to pay for myself and I can only stay with them for a few days as I will be too old!



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