The beginning of Potty Training

Oliver is 17 months old and i have been introducing the potty to him for the past few months but as he has got older he is starting to understand a lot more about what the potty is used for and can follow simple instructions, at first he used to stand in and laugh at himself but now he knows that this is where he needs to go if he gets the feeling to release himself!

For the past two days now Oliver has used the potty and actually done a wee in it, he knows that this is the correct thing to do as he claps himself once he has finished.

I knew it was time to potty train him when he started to take off his nappy once he had wet in it as he was feeling uncomfortable and he started to sit down on the potty. I introduced the potty a while back and have just kept it in the living room where he can see so he got used to being around it, he started to sit on it with his clothes on using it as a seat. First he sat on it backwards and after a while he got used to sitting down on it the right way, once he was comfortable with it every time i changed his nappy i placed him onto the saying ‘wee wee’.

I allow Oliver to run around the house with out a nappy on so he can use the potty when ever he wants to and this is what he has done the past two times he has used it. Oliver is constipated at the moment and using the potty helps him as he will not got in his nappy, it is hard as he is screaming and getting really upset but he is putting himself on the potty so i can hold onto him while he tries to go.

My top tips for potty training are:

  • Introduce the potty to your child before attempting to potty train so that they can used to being around it and become familiar with it
  • Show them how to use it maybe by asking an older sibling to demonstrate
  • Only start to potty train once the child is ready to do so, don’t force them as it will only scare them
  • Keep the potty in the same place at all times so they know where to go
  • Encourage all the time to use the potty
  • Keep asking them if they want to use the potty
  • Keep calm as you will get the odd accident, always keep some kitchen towel to hand and a floor cloth. Times can be frustrating when they have an accident on the floor but please don’t show them how frustrated you are, just carry on with the praise and show them to the potty
  • Reward your child with cuddles and praise when they use the potty, sweets may not be a good idea as they could make bowel problems worse
  • Make it fun for them, once they have used the putty you could maybe sing a song or do a celebration dance
  • Most parents wait until the summer time as they find it easier as children spend more time outside in the garden, i just think if the child is ready then don’t postpone it.
  • Have plenty of patience as potty training is no easy ride
  • If you become really brave and leave the house whilst potty training always remember to take some spare clothes with you, we always keep some in the car.

Do you have any more tips you can share with me?

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6 thoughts on “The beginning of Potty Training

  1. I haven’t even thought about potty training yet. I was hoping that the longer I left it the easier it would be. Might have to invest in one just to get her used to it like you suggest. x

    1. Just leave in the corner of the bathroom so she becomes familiar with it and then show her how to sit on it with her nappy on just so she gets used to the feel of sitting down on it, hopefully this will help ease the transaction of potty training 🙂 x

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