Thank you for using the fast lane!

I nipped into Asda this morning to buy a few items ready for Joseph’s birthday which is in a couple of weeks and. After having a look around in the clothes department, I found a set of Moshi Monster pyjamas and pair of slipper that I know Joseph will love. On the way to the checkout I picked up a few grocery’s, I decided to use the self checkout as there wasn’t a queue and I thought maybe it would be a bit quicker then queuing up for a cashier. I walked straight up to the till and placed my basket down, got some bags ready to place my items in them. After scanning my first few items of food, I thought I was on a roll until I scanned the wrapping paper and it didn’t recognised that I had placed it into the bag because of the weight of the item so I had to wait for a member of staff to put the store log in code into it, once done I carried on, now it was the balloons again it wouldn’t allow me to carry on scanning as it needed the store login code, the guy came back again and scanned his card on the machine and said It was ready for me to carry on. But it wasn’t ready as my next item was again a very light item and yet again it needed a store login code, I’m pretty pissed off now and I’m shouting at the machine, everyone else around me was coming and going with their bags packed full of groceries and I’m still stood their after 5 minutes with only a few items in my bag. Next the silly machine decided to tell me that their was an unexpected item in the bagging area! “NO” i shout at the machine “No there isn’t” silly me as if the machine was listening. The only thing that was in the bagging area was my shopping that i was trying to pay for, arrrgghhh!
The whole process of the self checkout took me 15 minutes
“Thank you for using the fast lane” said the machine, fast lane pahhh! I think I will stick to the old fashion way and use a checkout next time.


5 thoughts on “Thank you for using the fast lane!

  1. In my experience, Asda is the worst! The last time I tried it, I had lots of pre-packed fruit & veg, and hardly any would be recognised. In the end the staff member just put everything through on either a random low price or free, and let me go. Think I got about £20 of food for about a fiver.

    They do wind me up – the worst is if you’re buying bakery items which you have all in one bag – after each separate item (if they’re diferent) you’re meant to put them in the bag, but you can’t because the weight won’t be right. Stupid things.

    And it annoys me when I queue for a normal checkout, the staff members say come on down to self serve, I go, and then after leaving the store remember I needed cashback which is why I was in the normal queue anyway! (Morrisons give you cashback though which is fab).

  2. Ahhh, self service machines are a pet hate of mine!! I work at Tesco and they asked if I wanted to be trained on them for if they are ever stuck, I was determined not to be trained on them, and I refuse to use them when I am in!! They always take far to long, and the people that are supposed to be there to help are always wondering about and never see when you are stuck! I think they should ban them haha!!

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