Thank flip its pancake day tomorrow

It’s pancake day tomorrow! YAY!
Not only am I excited because we all love pancakes but it is probably the only meal Daddy insists on cooking for us all. It means I get a break from cooking dinner, daddy is cooking for me for once and the best bit it’s pancakes.
Tuesday the 21st hurry up!
It couldn’t have come at a better time as I need some time off from the chores, I have the baby who wants my attention all day long and all I seem to spend my days doing is either feeding or comforting him and that’s when I’m not cleaning up after 3 boys and an adult.
I always ask him what his recipe is but he says he never goes by measurements, he justs throws all the ingredients in a jug and away he goes.
So I’ve found this recipe to share with you all, because if like me, you have a partner that won’t tell you there’s.

4oz/100g plain flour.
250 ml of milk.
1 egg
Pinch of Salt

What I do know is that he always puts some lemon juice into the mixture before frying it.

So go on give it a good squirt is squeeze!

First Sieve the flour and salt into a bowl.
Make a small hole in the center of the flour and crack in the egg
Mix it together while gradually adding the milk.
(if it’s a bit too thick – then add a little water.)
Pour batter into a jug for easier pouring into pan.
Now heat up your frying pan adding a bit of oil if you dont have a non stick one. Pour into the pan when it’s nice and hot and steamy (just like me lol)
Pour just enough to cover the pan, not too much because we don’t want them to be too thick and turn out like cakes.
Cook until a nice golden brown colour and then the fun bit starts, you flip it to turn it over and cook the other side until nice and golden.
Once cooked place on a plate and add any topping you want.

Our favourite toppings are:
Strawberries and chocolate
Sugar and lemon
Chocolate and banana
Fresh cream with berries
A dollop of ice cream with honey and lemon


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