Tescos Kind Special Delivery for the Children

Sometimes in life people do very thoughtful and kind gestures towards others and it makes you realise that there are people out there that care about you whether they know you not and life isn’t that bad. Sometimes people go out of their way to help others without expecting any thanks in return

I recently spent up to 7 weeks in hospital after having 2 major operations on my bowel. Towards the end of my stay it really got me down, I cried at everything. Tears just rolled down my cheeks for no reason. I was depressed with the situation and it didn’t help with it being the Christmas holidays. Knowing that my three boys were at home without there Mummy around for them really cut me up. Even thinking about it now, saddens me.

I tried my best to make it a special Christmas for them. Well as special as it could be without Mummy around. I tried to order their gifts online but as I hadn’t spent much time with them I had no idea what they wanted. I know that the first thing on top of their lists was to have Mummy home with them, I was secretly hoping for a day discharge but it didn’t happen. Every time I saw them I saw the pain in their eyes, they were struggling with seeing Mummy so helpless and in pain. Seeing this was the worst pain I have been through.

On the days running up to Christmas it made me think about how I could make the children try to forget about Mummy being in hospital and at least have an ordinary family day. I wanted them to be busy and to try to enjoy the magic of Christmas again. With the help of family, especially my Mum and Sister-in-law, Christmas Eve boxes were made up for them and a visit to Santa was organised. I was sent photographs of their time but I just wished I was there to take them. It was always me that took them to see Santa and always me that kept the magic of father Christmas alive.

The night before Christmas Eve I was laying in my hospital bed scrolling through my Facebook feed and up came a post from Tesco about the special deliveries they were doing for people around the country. Over the Christmas period Tesco were helping people be reunited with their loved ones. Many people spend Christmas without their friends and family around them but this year Tesco their customers with surprise deliveries.

I decided to private message them and tell them my story. I really wasn’t expecting a response, especially as quick as I got one. The next morning my inboxed pinged, I had a reply from their customer care team asking me where we live and telling me that they would pass on my details to my local Tesco store Community Champion. As it being so close to Christmas they couldn’t promise anything. Within an hour they had got back to me informing me that they pop out to my house to visit the boys.

Luckily the eldest was indoors whilst his brothers were out doing some food shopping with Dad.

Although he was very embarrassed, he was over the moon with what they had delivered and totally unexpected.

Large gift bags filled up with goodies


I really wasn’t expecting what they had sent. They were very generous and, like me, wanted the boys to enjoy Christmas. They stayed and talked about the situation with him a few minutes and then handed over the gifts. He was completely overwhelmed, as was I once he sent me the pictures.

They must have a six sense as Joseph absolutely loves Lego and he received two sets, which he couldn’t wait to build them


As you can see by his little face how happy he is with them. They are now displayed on the livingroom side board.

The boys also received some Starwars figures, which are huge!


There was also something very special in the package for the eldest boy, who couldn’t wait to get using them. As gifts for teenagers go this must be the most ideal present for them. He is mad about his music and has always got a set of ear/head phones attached to him.20170106_115154

Unfortunately I was reunited with my boys for Christmas Day but I was sent all of the photos and videos of their day and it looked like they had a lovely day even though Mummy wasn’t with them.

I am now back home with my beautiful family, taking each day slowly and gaining my energy and appetite back. We even managed to play one of the games that was given to the children on New Years Eve. A good old favourite of ours, Monopoly.

Thank you Tesco for being so kind and generous to my boys. I will never forget. It was nice to see that the pain had gone from their eyes, maybe for a few seconds, but you helped with easing their sadness of not having Mummy around for Christmas.

Never underestimate the power of generosity. A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.



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