TEN Baby Gentle Massage Oil

TEN Skincare range offers a selcetion of skincare products dedicated to the well-being of your skin for mums and babies. -TEN-™ skincare has formulated a new range which is high in natural key active ingredients. –TEN-™ like to think of us as intelligent individuals, who would like to know more on the way ingredients actually work to promote better skin. Finally a skincare range that explains it all! Anti-aging, dry skin, oily skin, mums and babies, will find a true skin partner with -TEN-™.

“TEN philosophy is to inform our consumers on the key ingredients contained in each formulation and why these are used. Our range is a boutique skincare range, which comes with all the attention that you would expect from a premium range.” Combining Science and nature to rejuvinate, protect and nourish the skin.

Massage Oil - Gentle Baby Massage Oil by TEN Sound Skincare Science



Oliver was sent a bottle of TEN Baby Gentle Massage Oil by Scrubsuk to test out. The Oil is ideal for baby’s delicate skin, being effective, safe and gentle to baby skin. The oil comes in a 125ml plastic bottle with a pump-action spout. The smells gorgeous and lingers for a long time after using. I found the oil to leave Oliver’s skin soft and supple and it absorbs really well, it leaves no oily residue on the skin which can be transferred on to the baby’s clothing. I really liked the fact that Oliver’s skin was not oily and slippy after using it and unlike some oils I don’t have to wipe my own hands after massaging him too. The oil is specifically formulated to hydrate the skin apply it after a bath to help retain the moisture within the skin. I have always enjoyed the special time Oliver and I have when its massage time, we have done the routine since he was 2 months old after attending a course together where I was taught special techniques. A good massage helps baby to keep calm and comforted, it also a good time to bond with your baby. Oliver suffered with really bad wind and I found a massage helped him and as he is a very active baby a nice calming massage is just what is needed after a hectic day of running around the house and playing with all of his toys.

The key ingredient being Sweet Almond Oil which is a natural ingredient rich in oleic acid. It softens delicate skin and acts as a humectant to help prevent loss of moisture, keeping your baby’s skin hydrated and soft. The oil is also reputed to help relieve dry, flaky or itchy skin. Since using the Oil I have noticed that Oliver’s eczema patches on his legs have become less aggravated and reduced in size.

I would recommend this product to anyone and it is definitely an oil that I would continue using on Oliver. It has kept his skin lovely and soft and smells divine.

To find out more about the range Of TEN Skincare products for mum and baby visit there website http://www.cleverskincare.com/ten-skincare-range.html

I was sent a bottle of baby massage oil for review purposes only, the words and opinions are of my own.


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