Tasks for the Toddler

14 Months Old

Oliver is at that age now where he is starting to understand simple orders and tasks. He likes to copy what in am doing or saying and Whenever I call for his older brothers he repeats their names and shouts too, he knows who he is calling as he stands at the living room door waiting for them to come downstairs and once he sees them he greets them with the hugest grin.

He understands what tidy up time is and enjoys placing the toys that he has been playing with back into their right places, saying ‘All done!’

He knows that hats go on heads and has just started to enjoy dressing up in fancy dress. His childminder has a dressing up box and she says that he loves to wear the police outfit and he says ‘Nee Naw Nee Naw’ when he is wearing it.

Now that Oliver is slowing starting to understand little orders I have been asking him to place his nappies into the bin. I showed him where the rubbish bin was and gave him his nappy and asked him to put it in, once he done this i gave him a big hug and clapped him saying ‘Well Done’. Every time Oliver has a nappy change now he waits for the nappy to be placed into the sack and walks off with it in his hands, holding it ever so tightly like it is precious gold, he leans up to the bin and puts it in. the whole time he is doing this he has a huge grin on his face and is very pleased with himself. He has also started to say ‘In the bin, In the bin’ as he walks along and if the bin lid isn’t up he walks back to me saying ‘Mum Mum’ and then looks back to the bin. I know he is trying to tell me to open it and i love the way he is interacting with me. His older brothers have jobs so now he feels like he is a big boy like them. Once the nappy is in the bin he walks away smiling saying ‘All done!’


Already to put the nappy in the bin



And into the bin it goes….

He has taken to his new little job really well so i have been trying with a few other little ones like how to tidy up after himself when he has finished playing and showing them where they belong and where the dirty clothes go, he is getting there with the tidying up but when he helps me put the clothes into the washing machine he just pulls them back out whilst i am putting them in 🙂

I caught Oliver in my purse the other day emptying out my coins and shoving them down the side of the sofa, I think he is taking out his wages for the jobs that he does.


What do you think?

Thank you for reading my post 🙂


One thought on “Tasks for the Toddler

  1. Aw, this age is so brilliant. Mine’s now 20 months, and is at the getting his lunch components out of the fridge and putting them on the work surface so I can make his sandwich. Then drags a kitchen chair over so he can stand on it and ‘help’. It’s brilliant…our own personal slaves (although sometimes they can malfunction a bit!).

    And the purse thing is really annoying. I just get lots of receipts and cards strewn on the floor – he’s not yet worked out the hiding the money thing thankfully.

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