Tara’s Music Magic DVD Review

Tara’s Music Magic

Snuggles in Scotland

My family and I was given a great opportunity to review Tara’s Music Magic DVD, a music DVD that is specially developed for 0-5 year olds, to learn and have fun.

My boys love singing and dancing and are always on the karaoke singing along to Adele or Justin Beiber. So i thought that this DVD would go down well with them and i wasn’t wrong.

I was sent a lovely email from Tara, filling me in with some information about why the DVD was made and who it was aimed at, she also told me that i would be able to find one of the songs that was on the DVD on You Tube, “My Dog’s Name is Maggie”.

We got it up onto the computer and Joseph my four year old sat and watched it over and over again, he loved it! He learned all the words and went into school the next day singing the song. We have a microphone linked up to our computer so the boys can sing along to their favourite songs. Joseph spent hours singing along to the song on You Tube.

He was so excited and couldn’t wait for the the DVD to come!

A couple of days later and the DVD was delivered by our postman, Joseph was delighted!

“Put it on mummy, Put it on”

The DVD has 20 songs included on it among them are a few popular traditional nursery rhymes that we already knew of and some fun new one songs.

– Row your boat

– Old Macdonald had a Farm

– Grand Old Duke

-10 Little Pandas (to the tune of 10 green bottles)

– My dog’s name is Maggie

– Wiggle to get Warm

The DVD cover is bright and attractive and features a giant Panda called Snuggles on it. Joseph loved this as he has his own teddy panda that he sleeps with and adores so he was instantly attached to it.

Joseph enjoyed watching the children and animals playing and dancing around outdoors and joined in with them doing the actions.

‘Snuggles in Scotland’ was filmed in Aberdeenshire, with its natural environment and beautiful locations it was a pleasure for me to watch too. Their songs are catchy and easy to remember, the short clips had a sense of homelike feeling to them and made me feel comfy and all smiley. Tara the presenter is definately infectous, with her smiley and friendly nature.

Joseph really enjoyed watchin and singing along to this DVD, he liked all of the songs but had two particular favourites, ‘My dog’s name is Maggie’ and ‘Wiggle to get warm’.

Joseph loves watching ‘My dog’s name is Maggie’ because it has a dog that runs away again and again and gets into trouble, it makes him laugh. His best bit is at the end of the song, where they say “Naughty Maggie”, he waves his little finger when he joins in with this part.

“My dog’s name is Maggie

and she’s just run away

she’s rolled in the mud

and run through the kitchen

whats mummy going to say?

Each verse is chorus like, the lines at begining and at the end of each verse are repetitive, so children will find it easy to learn and remember them. This helps with a childs memory, to learn punctuation and reading skills.

You can find the words to this song on their website www.tarasmusicmagic.com where your children can sing along and join in.

This DVD is ideal for Children to learn to be creative and explore different types of music, it helps them to be body aware by dancing and moving to the rhythm of the songs, they can explore different emotions and can help calm a child when they are feeling upset, by soothing them resulting in them feeling relaxed and comfortable.


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