Autumn crafts with yellow Moon

As the nights are getting darker earlier and the days are becoming chilly why not get creative with yellowmoon? They have a large selection of crafts available including many that are Autumn themed, based on leaves, hedgehogs and trees.

Yellowmoon sent us our termly parcel this month and within it was a few Autumn crafts. We received :

  • Leaf stained Glass Effect Decoration Kits – Pack of 6 – £3.99


The leaf stained kits comes in 3 assorted coloured leaf cards – red, brown and green. Each kit contains the pre-cut leaf shapes, coloured ribbon to hang the leaves and coloured cellophane. Instructions are included and easy to follow. My boys who are 4 and 8 found this activity a little hard and needed a lot of assistance with cutting out the cellophane shapes to stick on. Each leaf card has shapes that are pre-cut already, they just need popping out. Glue is not included.

PicMonkey leaves


We loved the finished leaves, the colours are lovely and bright


Love how the sun shines through, so effective
Love how the sun shines through, so effective

The sun shining through the cellophane made a beautiful colourful shadow on our wall in the kitchen



  • Squeezy flashing hedgehogs – Pack of 2 – £2.99DSC_2240-opt

These cute little hedgehogs characters light up the early nights by giving them a little knock. They may not be in the normal Autumnal colours but they are Hedgehogs. They are bright and fun to play with, but also ideal for sensory play as they not only flash brightly but have a spiky feel to them. The pack contains four hedgehogs in an assortment of colours, each hedgehog is approx. 5 cm.

They are strecthy
They are stretchy


Watch them light up in your hands, as they are soft and stretchy you can squash them in your hands



They would make great little gifts in party bags

  • Leafy Hedgehog Decoration Kits – Pack of 5 – £3.75DSC_2243-opt

A fun Autumnal craft activity that both my boys enjoyed doing. Each kit includes 4 assorted hedgehog coloured foam templates, self adhesive foam shape pieces, wiggle eyes and ribbon to hang.

PicMonkey hedgehog

Once the boys had chosen the colour of hedgehog and leaves that they wanted they began to peel off the self adhesive shapes for the nose, feet and ears to stick them in place. Following the instructions that were included, they then started to stick down the leaves. The boys enjoyed this activity and concentrated hard on peeling off the backing on the stickers and sticking them down in the correct place.

Rather cute, don't you think?
Rather cute, don’t you think?

This activity teaches children repetitive pattern and colour.

Yellowmoon have plenty of crafts online to buy, why not head on over to their website and have a browse

Thank you for reading this post. All items received were for review purpose, no payment was received.




Summer crafts with YellowMoon

My younger boys love to craft, for one it keeps them busy and out of mischief and for another it is fun and they love to see their final finished product, of which they are proud of.

YellowMoon have 1000s of craft products online ranging from creation packs, themed activities, scratch art, fun with wood and fabric and all of the craft essentials you will need to create a masterpiece.

We was recently sent a box full of YellowMoon goodies to try out, we received:

  • Seaside Wooden Windchimes (pack of 4)               £3.49
  • Boat Ceramic Coin Banks (box of 4)                       £4.99
  • Sand & Glitter Art Picture Sheets (Pack of 8)        £2.99
  • Glitter Shakers (Set of 6)                                          £2.99 was £3.50
  • Star Hero Foam Mask Kits (Pack of 4)                   £3.49
  • Mermaid Peg Doll Kits (pack of 4)                          £3.99
  • Gnome Cushion Sewing Kits (Pack of 2)                £4.99


  • Bring the joys of the seaside into your home with these wonderful wooden wind chimes. Each pack comes with four assorted designs – yacht, beach hut, lighthouse and a bucket and spade. Each windchime is already supplied with metal chimes which are attached via some cord.


We painted our wind chimes with normal kids craft paint and then drew on them using sparkle decopatch pens.

DSC_0304_opt (1)

A fun craft activity that make colourful hanging displays in and around the house and garden

  • The Boat ceramic money boxes come in a box of 4, ready to be decorated with paint, pens or even sequins.

These little boats, approx 12cm come with a removable plastic stopper and are a fabulous way to encourage children to save money.


The boys enjoyed getting messy with this activity and as soon as they boats were dry they were placing them on the sideboard and filling them up with coins that they pinched from my purse 🙂 They now have their own little individual saving banks and whats great is that they know what one is theirs as they decorated it themselves.

  • Create some fabulous pieces of art with sand or glitter with these Sand & Art picture sheets. The pack comes with 8 assorted designs – Fish, Boat, Flower, Robot, Butterfly, Spaceman, Rainbow and a Dinosaur. Each sheet is 21cm x 15cm. Whats great about this activity is that the sheets are pre-cut revealing a sticky surface, no gluey mess or sticky hands!


We used the Glitter shakers to create our little art masterpieces. They come in 6 assorted colours in a 15g pot, they can be poured or sprinkled.

DSC_0313 (1)_opt

  • Become a master of disguise with these Star Hero foam masks, they come in a pack of with assorted designs. Each kit comes with foam masks already with the elastic attached and self adhesive shaped stickers.


The instructions are easy to follow and even my youngest who is three found it easy to peel off the backing from the stickers. Every child loves to act out being a hero and these kits are ideal for role play. The foam is strong and sturdy making them perfect for play outside and in.

Screenshot_2015-05-25-08-36-58 (1)
We even made a moshi heroes from the kit
  • The mermaid peg dolls were fun to make but the youngest found it a little difficult as they are quite small and fiddly for his little hands, he still gave it a go. The kit comes with 4 assorted colours – Green, Blue, Purple and Pink. Each kit includes wooden pegs, foam pieces, wool and self adhesive pearls and felt pieces.

I wasn’t sure if my boys would enjoy making the mermaids but I was wrong, they concentrated on following the instructions and created their own little wooden peg dolls.


DSC_0293_opt (1)
using his peg to keep Dads papers together
  • These little gnomes are very cute and an ideal introduction to sewing for the little ones. My son loved this activity, it really helped with his concentration. He picked up the sewing really quickly and was so proud of what he had produced. Each contains 2 assorted designs, each with pre-punched felt shapes, self adhesive felt pieces, wool, plastic needle and stuffing. The Gnome cushion size is 24cm.
The pack
DSC_0275 (1)_opt
What the pack contains

My son enjoyed the sewing part as much as he enjoyed stuffing the gnome.



Decorating the gnome was easy as you had pre-cut self adhesive stickers to use and the instructions were easy to follow. The instructions have no words, but just pictures which makes it ideal for younger ones to follow

Oliver woth his final gnome creation
Oliver with his final gnome creation

Hope you like reading this post, pop on over to YellowMoon and see what other crafts they have to offer.

No payment has been received for this post. We received the crafts to do at home as part of being a Yellowmoon blogger



A Crafty Christmas with Yellowmoon

Everyone loves to get crafty especially at Christmas. My house becomes inundated with little homemade gifts that the children make at school. It’s a struggle to push the boys to do crafting with me now as they are getting older, the eldest spends most of his time in his bedroom doing his homework and the middle one is always on Minecraft but the youngest has found a new love of art and loves to make things.

Every Christmas I like to sit around the table with my boys and make decorations, this year we tried our hand at salt dough decorations and they loved it, I really enjoy the time with them even if it is a short time before they rush off to their own activities.

We was recently sent a crafty box from Yellow Moon, Joseph has become aware of the packaging now and when the postman delivers our little gifts he quickly knows whats going to be inside, the excitement is too much as he rips off the distinguished yellow and blue tape off of the box and opens it with a gasp as he looks inside.

We was sent:

  • Finger Lights (pack of 4)      £2.49
  • Christmas Foam Glitter Stickers (pack of 120)     £2.99
  • Santa’s Workshop Kits (pack of 2)      £3.95
  • Christmas Self Inking Stampers (pack of 10)     £2.99
  • Jumbo Paint pad – red     £2.55 -washable paint, ideal for all crafts
  • Snow Pals Mugs (pack of 3)     £2.95
  • Wooden House Boxes (box of 4)     £3.95
  • ‘Merry Christmas’ Pop up Cards (pack of 8)     £1.99

I knew straight away that the finger lights would be a firm favourite as the boys rip away the packaging and sort out between them what colours are whose. They come in 4 colours, red, white, green and blue. These little finger lights are ideal for this time of year when your out walking in the early evening, the boys put on a little light show as they walk to the shops and back. Each little light has an elastic strap attached to it so that it stays securely on the finger. Batteries are included and each finger light has an on/off button.

Oliver loved the Santa’s Workshop Kits made from foam. They were easy to make just by pushing in sides together so that the notches met up, once all the side were securely in place all you have to do is decorate it with the self-adhesive foam stickers. Oliver is 3 years old and really enjoyed this activity, we made the first one together and the second one he done himself. He managed to peel away the paper backing from the stickers with ease and he chose where to place them on the house, he is very proud of his little workshop and it has been placed under the tree for everyone to see. Each house comes with all of the templates needed to make the 3d workshop, the templates slot in easily making it a simple craft activity for all to enjoy.

The snow pals mugs have been added to our kitchen cupboards and I am under instruction not to touch them as they belong to the boys. The youngest claimed the blue polar bear one, the middle boys chose the red penguin as he loves penguins, leaving the purple snow leopard mug for Jak. They are an ideal size for the little ones and would make lovely little gifts for the Santa Stockings. The plastic mugs are bright and colourful and very cute.


The next item in the Yellow Moon craft box was the pop up Christmas cards, they come in a pack of 8 with envelopes. The boys enjoyed colouring in the cards in colours of their choice. Everyone likes to recieve home made cards, so much more thought and time goes into drawing your own cards. The boys have made cards for their Grandparents.

DSC_0908 DSC_0907 (1) DSC_0920

The youngest boy had lots of fun colouring in the Wooden House boxes, he couldn’t get over the fact that when the lid was moved to one side it revealed a hidden little hole a perfect little place to hide some treats. Each little trinket box is made from natural wood and can be decorated with deco pens, felts or stickers. We used Deco sparkle pens and they dried really quickly, which is ideal for little hands that want to touch all the time. Oliver wants to give his little decorated houses to his friends at school, I’m not sure he will give away some treats with it too.

The Christmas Stamper come in 2 assorted ink colours – red and green and 10 festive designs. The designs include, Santa, reindeer, snowman, elf, robin, star, gingerbread man, penguin, penguin and a tree. The stampers are ideal for giving wrapping paper, gift cards and labels a personal festive touch. We used ours on our gift tags for the presents.

How cute are these!

The Christmas Glitter Foam Stickers come in 8 different colours and 16 assorted designs, they are ideal for Christmas crafting and card decorations. The colours are nice and bright and the stickers come in all different sizes. One thing about using glitter for decorations is that the glitter comes loose and stays all over the house but with these stickers I found that the glitter pretty much stayed on and even after handling them and the boys using them to stick on their pictures I haven’t been covered in glitter.

Beautiful and bright
Oliver’s Christmas Glittery tree

All of the items were wrapped and delivered in a secure box. Yellowmoon is an online shop that offers a wide range of arts and crafts, party bag fillers and toys for all ages.


We was sent a box of crafts for the purpose of this review


Crafty Fun for the Kids this Summer with Yellow Moon

Yellow Moon have an exciting range of themed crafts available on-line to suit every one of all ages, whether it be a birthday party, a child’s gift or just to keep the children busy during the summer holidays, they can supply you with anything.

We was recently sent a Summer package to try out a review

  • Crystal Glitter Stick on Stars (pack of 280)                   £2.99
  • Felt Butterfly Stickers (pack of 40)                                  £2.99
  • Beach Hut Coin Banks (box of 4)                                       £5.99
  • Safari Animal Card Shapes (pack of 10)                          £2.45
  • Lip Whistles (pack of 10)                                                      £1.99
  • Football Foam Bookmarks (pack of 4)                            £3.95
  • Tropical Fish Suncatcher Decorations (pack of 6)     £2.99
  • Design a Finger Skateboards (pack of 12)                      £2.99

The boys set to crafting with the Skateboards, using the stick on stars and some sparkly Deco pens, they designed their very own mini finger skateboard. Each skateboard comes individually wrapped which is ideal if you want to place in a party bag or give away as gifts. My eldest designed a couple for his friends, personalising them with their initials and sticking on the foam stars, he then placed them bag in the little bag that it came in so that he could give them away as a leaving gift at school.



The youngest enjoyed drawing and colouring in the card Safari Animal Shapes With 10 different types of animals to choose from, Oliver and his cousin sat down with the craft box and had lots of fun together. They decided to use some googly eyes, the butterfly shaped stickers and some felt tip pens to make some very colourful animals, I love what my niece did with the Horse shaped card, she even added on a feather for the horse’s mane.



Oliver enjoyed decorating the monkey, I think he may have had a little help from his big cousin in placing the stickers on in the correct places, but I love that he sat down and spent time with her to craft together. He puts a lot of concentration in when he is colouring or making things and really thinks about what colours and stickers to use.



The sun was shining so the boys decided to do some painting outdoors in the garden, they painted the ceramic coin beach huts and although they got a bit messy, they had lots of fun. The money banks are now on their sides in their bedroom collecting up their money ready to spend in the summer holidays.


I thought that the beach huts were very cute and couldn’t wait myself to get designing, I used a selection of sparkly Deco pens to decorate it with, what do you think?



I think they would make great gifts to their friends to save up their pennies in.

We’ve received similar bookmarks before from Yellow Moon, last time the boys made up Olympic designed ones, this time Joseph was very excited to see that they were football related. He has never really been a football fan but with the recent hype about the world cup he has shown a lot more interest in the sport. He chose his design and got to peeling away the backing from the pre-cut foam stickers to stick them in place, which even with his little fingers he found quite easy.  Never one to follow instructions he just decided to stick the stickers wherever he felt like lol



The Lip Whistles are brilliant if your child is having a party this summer, they can be added to a party bag as a little gift to the party goers or like us why not take them away with you on holiday and drive everyone mad with the noise 😉  They come in four bright colours Green, yellow, orange and pink, each wrapped in its own little bag, they would be ideal for a lucky dip. Place the whistles between your lips and blow, they make a fabulous little whirling noise keeping the children amused for hours.



The last thing we received in our craft box was the sun catchers in the shape of fish, they come with a silver cord that you attach to the finished decorated fish ready to hang in the window and for the colours to reflect into the room once the sun catches them. We didn’t have any glass pens or paint so we used our deco pens to colour them in with, they come in three assorted designs and look so colourful up against a window

Why not make your own coral reef display in the window


Why not get on over to and check out what other crafts that have on offer!

We were provided with these crafts for the purpose of this review as a part of the Yellow Moon bloggers network.


Jungle Chums partybag fillers with Yellowmoon

What do you put into your children’s party bags?

I always like to put fun and unusual stuff into my boys, there is always a packet of sweets, a toy and some stationery, either an eraser or a pencil.

Whatever age you are, everybody loves a bit of stationery!

Boy, girl, young or old we all need a bit of stationary in our lives. My boys love it, whether it is a pencil or a notebook they love to receive new ones. There are a few times a year when the boys receive a big parcel full of stationary from yellowmoon, the online children’s craft shop where you can buy crafts activities and supplies, party bag fillers, toys, games and themed craft packs.

Everyone knows party bags are the most important part of a celebration, and with the Jungle Chums collection it will be more than easy to create party favours to remember. Choose from a huge variety to please even the fussiest of guests! Ranging from erasers and pencil sets to bouncy balls and bendy jungle animals.

In our box we received

  • Jungle Chums 4 pc Stationery Set (pack of 4) £4.80 includes a ruler, pencil, sharpener and eraser
  • Jungle Chums Biff Bats (pack of 8)  £2.99
  • Jungle Chums Tattoos (pack of 24)  £1.80
  • Bendy Jungle Animals (Pack of 4)  £1.80
  • Jungle Chums Memo Pads (Pack of 8)  £2.40
  • Jungle Chums Magic Slates (Pack of 8)  £2.50
  • Jungle Chums Erasers (pack of 8)  £1.60
  • Jungle Chums pencil Case (pack of 4)  £4.80
  • Jungle Chums Glitter Jet Balls (pack of 8)  £2.65

The Jungle Chums comes in 4 assorted designs Hippo, Monkey, Lion and Snake all of which are colourful and bright. Each design is fun to look at with a big smiley animal looking back at you.


Joseph quickly chose his favourite character set which was the Snake, we put together a little stationery set for him including the pencil case with the pencil set, 2 memo pads, bouncy ball and a bendy animal. He also picked the snake slate board to go with his pencil case of goodies, he said he will put them into his book bag for school but they are not allowed to take their own stationery into school so i told him to keep it at home so he can use it to do his homework.



It’s a shame that the boys have had all of their birthdays already as the set that Joseph has would have made lovely little gifts to give to party guests. I have made up a similar one for Oliver so that he can take it to the childminder with him during the week.

The bendy animals are a bit weird and we wasn’t sure what to do with them but Joseph had a brilliant idea and said that they would make a great book mark for when he his reading his book.

If you had 8 children as guests to your party you could give each one a party bag gift of a biff bat, memo pad, eraser, glitter jet ball, a magic slate and 3 tattoos which would cost you for each child £1.54, not bad as sometimes i can pay out up to £4 on each child. Buying for party bags soon mounts up and i sometimes find that they are the most expensive part of throwing a party, i also buy prizes for children for the party games that we play so buying the stationery sets and at £4.80 for 4 would be ideal, that would be only £1.20 per prize!

We found these products to be of a good quality with a great selection, i would recommend that they are for the younger children because of the designs maybe for children up to the age of 8.

We have been sent these products to review as part of being a yellowmoon blogger, no payment has been received.