The funny things they say and do: Twists and bogeys

Over the Christmas Holidays we spent a lot of time as a family together. Days out, visiting family, shopping and lazing around in the home. One evening we was all sitting around the living room on the sofas watching a movie on Netflix. We love Netflix, there is always something on there to suit each of us. But, we are normally in separate rooms watching different movies/shows. On this occasion we had all managed to stay in one room to watch a movie. We had settled on watching a crime film, it was one those films where it wasn’t all quite as it seemed. As the film went on, the plot changed. As it neared the end of the film, it was all revealed who was the killer. Joseph, who had just sat down and watched the last 15 minutes with us, blurted out “I knew there was a turnback!” We all giggled, knowing that he meant that the film had a ‘twist’.


Whilst having evening cuddles with my youngest, he randomly came out with that his friend in class picks her nose and east it!

Me: That’s nice to know

Oliver giggles

Me: Have you ever picked your nose and eaten it?

Oliver: Yes, but only when I was 3. I’m 4 now so I only pick my nose

Me: Oh. You have eaten a booger then?

Oliver: Yes

Me: What was it like?

Oliver: It wasn’t very nice, which is why I don’t do it anymore. It was all slimy and tasted very salty!

Nice one! My son has all the charm.


The things that children say and do can be so funny, it reminds me how young and innocent they are.

Has your child said or done something funny recently?

Thank you for reading 🙂