A Festive Wine Selection with Waitrose

’tis the season to be merry’ tra la la la

It’s that time of year when all you can hear is the pop of the bottle and the glug of the wine being poured into glasses, It’s a time to celebrate and enjoy yourselves wether it be at your works party, at home or round a friend’s house. Everyone drinks slightly more than they would normally at Christmas as we all get into the festive spirit.

I don’t find it that easy to shop for wine as there are so many different types to choose from but I do find it easy to drink them! haha. Waitrose have a festive wine selection box containing 6 of their favourite bottles of wine to suit all occasions.


Case contains: 1 sparkling, 2 white, 3 red

  • Villa Vincenta Prosecco NV – Delicate citrus notes backed by fresh green apples and pears. Superb aperitif for any gathering 11.5%
  • Waitrose Sauvignon Blanc, Villa Maria – Zesty citrus and gooseberry flavours with a twist of fresh mint.  13%
  • Laurent Miquel L’Artisan Chardonnay – Fine fruit enhanced by long large oak barrels, resulting in a crisp, aromatic and exquisite taste. 13%
  • Cave De Roquebrun Col De LA Serre – Aromatic notes and produces an intense fruit driven wine. 13%
  • Malvira Barbera D’Alba san Micele – Grape. 13%
  • The Cubist Old Vine Garnacha Pablo – Iconic red Spanish wine created to show the very best of the Garnacha grape. 14%

I have the Christmas period mapped out with the wine bottles:


The Prosecco will be ideal for New Years Eve as it is perfect for entertaining and goes well with canapes and light dishes. Prosecco is my favourite drink, with its sparkling fresh fruit taste I find it a classic for any celebration. A fitting compliment to salads, prawns and salmon. Recipe Suggestion: Prawn and advocado chilli belinis

-The Waitrose Sauvignon Blanc is delicious with asparagus, fish or chicken so this classic wine will be ideally served with the Christmas dinner. This wine will also go down well with a roasted chicken served with asparagus dish.

-Christmas at our house is always take away night, who wants to cook a meal the day before Christmas Day!? As special as Christmas day is, I never look forward to the amount of cooking that has to be done for the family. I try to prepare most of it the day before which means I really don’t want to be stood over the oven, so it’s a perfect excuse to order in an Indian/Chinese/Thai. The Laurent Miquel L’Artisan is delightfully served up with a spicy dish. Recipe suggestion: Thai red chicken curry

-We are visiting family the day after Boxing day and I think that the Col De la Serre would be a lovely gift to take along and offer to our hosts  but would also be an excellent compliment to the Three Bird roast that will be served up. This wine is the perfect partner to red meats, game and casseroles. Recipe suggestion: Wild mushroom and venison stroganoff.

-Boxing day is normally a day of resting and eating in our house. The children run around the house playing with their new toys and the Partner and I sit down on the sofa, watching TV and nibbling on the left overs. I can see the Malvira san Michele going down well on this day. The dark, deep ruby-red wine with flavours of cherry and prunes will taste well with mushroom and pasta dishes. Recipe suggestion: Mushroom and Turkey rissotto

-Finally The Cubist Old Vine Garnacha with it’s rich, full bodes taste will be prefect for a Friday night treat, served up with a nice big juicy steak. The spicy pepperiness will compliment a steak. Recipe Suggestion: Rib eye steak with hollandaise sauce


Waitrose Christmas favourites are available from Waitrose Cellar for £50, that’s £8.33 per bottle. When bought separately you’re looking at paying out about £10 per bottle (they range from £9.99 -£11.49)

Order on-line for delivery or click and collect at your local store

We was provided with a box of sine for the purpose of this review by Waitrose Cellar


Waitrose Christmas Dinner Calculator

Have you ever ordered a joint online and come stuck when it arrives at the size of it?

I am terrible when it comes to weights and measures and roughly guess the amount of food i need for a meal, often guessing wrong resulting too little meat and a Kilimanjaro amount of vegetables. The worst time is at Christmas, I always over buy and by the looks of everyone’s trolleys in the supermarket, so does everyone else. We all want our Christmas dinner to be the best yet, I don’t know about you but I find shopping for it stressful. I struggle with how much to buy and end up with a fridge/freezer crammed with over sized food and we don’t end up using half of it. Christmas can be a stressful time, buying presents, having the family over and cooking dinner. I find it hard planning a meal for 5 so cooking for more must be a tribulation.

Waitrose have come to the rescue with a tool that can help! The Christmas planner tool.

You simply select the total number of people who will be sitting down for dinner, by sliding across to the number of people who you want. The tool will then suggest the quantities that you will need to buy for your dinner. You can select from 2 -25 people

Screenshot (37)


I looked at the quantity of food for 4 people and 5 as I have 2 young children who will not eat a huge amount of food.

Once you have a better idea of the quantity of food that you will need all you have to do is click on the icon next to the food and it takes you through to the Waitrose Christmas shop where you can buy the food from.

Screenshot (38)


The food that is available on the Christmas calculator to help you create the perfect meal is:


Bread sauce

Brussel Sprouts


Red cabbage

Roasting vegetables



Cranberry sauce

Sausages and bacon

Going by the quantities that were suggested to me, I ordered the food to be delivered to our house so I could cook a Roast for the family. I didn’t order the red cabbage as my boys are not too keen on it and it was too early to order the Turkey so I ordered a leg of lamb instead. I measured out all of the food going by what the calculator had suggested and it was perfect, we did have some left overs (but hey, we all want to eat some later on don’t we?)


Our Sunday dinner consisted of 525g potatoes, 250g carrots, 300g stuffing, 12 sausages, 250g brocolli, 250g brussel sprouts and a small leg of lamb. I found the tool to be really helpful as i would normally over buy. Most of the food are sold in a larger quantity than what the calculator had suggested to me, so I bought nearest to the quantity. For example the potatoes were sold as a 1kg bag so once i was ready to cook them all i did was weigh them out to the suggested amount and placed the rest into the freezer for another dinner.

I found the calculator very helpful and would be nice to see it as an everyday addition to the website.


We cracked open a bottle of L’Artisan Chardonnay to drink with our meal, the fine fruit masked with an overt oak character makes this drink a superb accomplishment to eat with poultry or fish. It has a crisp and aromatic taste, best served chilled. The wine is from a Chrismas Favourite case perfectly selected to drink over Christmas from Waitrose.

We was provided with a voucher for waitrose for the purpose of this review, all words are my own.