Why? Why? Why?……

This seems to be the favoured question that Oliver is using at the moment, He asks Why? to everything.

I am quite sure that he knows that is really starting to grate on me as he is saying more and more, he even walks away from me laughing after saying it. I can totally understand if he was just being curious and wanting to learn about new things and how they work but he answers with why to a lot of things like;

It’s dinner time…..Why?

Eat your breakfast…..Why?

Hold my hand……Why?

Pick up your toys…..Why?

It’s time for bed…..Why?

Play nicely with your big brother…..Why?

Stop fighting…..Why?

Come and have a wash…..Why?


This was one of the conversations we had the other day

Oliver: Mum, where are we going?

Me: I’m taking you to Liz’s house

Oliver: Why?

Me: Because Mummy has to go to work and you have to go to Liz’s house whilst I am there

Oliver: Why?

Me: Mummy works for an extra little bit of money

Oliver: Why?

Me: Because adults have to work so they can have money in the bank

Oliver: Why?

Me: Because I need to pay for all the clubs that you boys attend, holidays and our bills

Oliver: But Daddy works!

Me: Yes, but Mummy wants to work too!

Oliver: Why?

Me: Because Oliver, Just Because!

Most of the conversations go like this, where after a while i just answer with, Just Because!

Do you have similar conversations with your little ones?