The Olympic Mascot Purple Trail

Last week the boys and I followed the Purple Olympic mascot trail, through London starting at Piccadilly circus. The boys loved walking along the streets searching for Wenlocks and Mandevilles it was a bit like a treasure hunt for them.
There are 6 trails in all that take you along some of London’s most scenic streets. The idea of the routes are that of taking you on a journey of discovery to some of the greatest sights and sounds of London. Each mascot is individually designed animating the route in a unique way.
You will find the Wenlocks and Mandevilles in London until 9th September.
You will find all of the routes here

The purple trail starts at Piccadilly Circus

1. Red Bus Wenlock the traditional mode of transport


Head along Piccadilly towards Green Park Station and you will find

2. Gemstones Wenlock. Ooh what girl doesn’t like a sparkler


3. Queens Guard Wenlock here to protect Her Majesty The Queen


Walk down Berkeley Street towards Berkeley Square

4. Tyger Tyger Mandeville


5. Plane Trees Wenlock shows us how beautiful trees line the streets and parks


On through Mayfair to Grosvenor Square where you will find the next mascot next to a beautiful water fountain

6. Wenlock


7. Anyone for a cucumber sandwich
Afternoon Tea Wenlock


Stroll up to Bond Street Station and down S.Molton Street

8. Cycling Mandeville a great way to get about, it’s just how Daddy gets to work everyday in London


9. Shopper Mandeville shows our great sense of London style


10. Dog Walker Wenlock


The trail then takes you over to Hanover Square where they are building a new London landmark


Head down Regents Street and you will find our favourite mascot, the boys loved this one with it’s Psychedelic Colours it celebrates the swinging 60’s.

12. Groovy Wenlock


And lastly heading back towards Piccadilly Circus you will find the last one under some magnificent buildings that house some fabulous shops

13. Linen Hall Mandeville


The whole route is 3.4km

We had a brilliant day and it didn’t cost us a thing apart from our travel of coarse. The boys now want to go and find more mascots on other trails and whats great is that there is a competition-running where if you have taken a snapshot of yourself with a mascot you can enter to win a fantastic set of London 2012 mascot figurines. You enter via twitter tweeting @molpresents and @corgi mentioning #mymascot

Hope you have enjoyed looking at our pictures 🙂