Taster Day at Fairlop Waters

Fairlop Waters Country park held a taster day where families got to enjoy a selection of land and water activities that the park has to offer for free. Activities included paddle sports, boxercise, running, bouldering, bootcamp, buggy fitness, nordic walking and high ropes (which was at half price for the morning)

The sun was shining and the sky was a clear blue. With trainers on feet and extra clothes in a bag we were ready to sign up to the activities they had on offer. The boys were really interested in trying out the high ropes and as it was only available for half the day, we booked in straight away. This particular activity wasn’t free but it was half price. The boys love to climb and was excited to try out the Extreme Course.


As the youngest was under 5 years old he had to go on the Explorer Course which is aimed at 3-5 years, although he was more able to do the higher course.

The boys up high


The boys didn’t stay on for the full length of time, as after going round 2 times they wanted to come off. The walking along the obstacles wasn’t the problem but it was a little tricky, on both courses, to pull the bungy around the poles. They kept getting tangled up and stuck. The middle boy loves to climb and I thought he would really enjoy this activity but I was wrong. He is a free climber and doesn’t like to be restricted, even after all of my explaining to him about safety and it being too high to climb without a rope, he didn’t really enjoy it as much as expected.

The one thing that all the boys enjoy doing at Fairlop Waters is Bouldering. It is a unique boulder park, the largest in the UK, 9 individual boulders all offering a range of challenges for all abilities. It’s amazing and Free.

PhotoGrid_1457870829767I’ve written before about it here

The boys love a challenge. The boulders are built from concrete and vary in shapes and height. Each boulder has a name, the boys like Dumbo the Elephant.

The activities were all accessible but you had to sign up to them first. Whilst the boys and Daddy sat outside in the sunshine, making smoothies whilst cycling. Mummy went into the tent to sign the boys up to some activities.

Trying out the walking machine

You could only sign up to two at a time, so it was tricky to choose. They wanted to try everything. We went for kayaking and boot camp. I was in luck, as I was waiting in the queue to sign up the lady that was in charge of the running event was trying to sign up people to go out for a jog with her . So I quickly signed up with her. I gathered the boys together. We took off our coats and left our bags in the tent and off we all went, for a run around the lake. We had a warm up at the side of the lake and races half way round. The lady was kind and friendly. I think the distance was 2k. It was lovely running together as a family and in such a beautiful setting. The experience lasted about 45 minutes.

When we arrived back to the start, we had about 30 minutes to wait for the next activity which was boot camp, something none of us had tried before, so we had no idea what to expect. We sat down and had a little chat to a few of the stall holders that were their promoting there outdoor clubs, cycling and Nordic walking. The cycle smoothie was a big hit with the boys, You got to choose your fruit ingredients to your smoothie then put the work into it to make it by pedaling away. So after cycling hard for a couple of minutes, you received your fruit reward.

After a little refreshment, it was time to join in on the boot camp session. We made our way to the grass area next to the lake, where there were mats laid out all ready for us. We started off with a little warm up of skipping and then we did a core workout on the mats with weights. Followed by some lunges and stretches and then a couple of obstacle races, The session ended with a little game of tug of war. It was brilliant! We all had so much fun and definitely felt like we had a good work out.


The boot camp is certainly something that we would like to take up as a weekly activity for the family. I’m most definitely not as fit as the boys are, but i really enjoyed it and I felt really good after. I know the real sessions would be a lot more challenging, but we are thinking of doing something similar just for the boys and I.

The last session of the day was hitting the water. I wasn’t silly in booking it as the last one. I knew the boys would get wet and didn’t want them to be uncomfortable in wet clothes for too long. I did think ahead and pack spare trousers for the two youngest, but nothing for the oldest boy.

Daddy and Oliver went out onto the lake in a sailing boat, whilst the two older boys got into a kayak.


After 20 minutes out on the water, they came back with very wet trousers but smiles all round.

The best session of the day had to be the boot camp.

We all had an enjoyable day. Spending precious time together in the great outdoors. I would without a doubt recommend a taster day to anyone.