Mount Snowdon via Llanberis Path

Hiking up Mount Snowdon

As a family we have hiked up Mount Snowdon a handful of times. The first time we did it was about 9 years ago with our two children. We took the Miners Track back then and have since done the Pyg Track and Llanberis Path.

Hiking up the mountain with three young children, I would definitely recommend doing the Llanberis path.

Llanberis Path

Llanberis path is the longest route to take up to Snowdon’s summit. The distance is 9 miles there and back, with an ascent of 975 mtrs and offers some amazing views of the surrounding mountains. As it is thought to be the easiest path to take it can be popular with families and leisure walkers and can get quite busy at times.

The route

The path climbs along the Llanberis – Snowdon railtrack and is simple to navigate. It starts just behind the Snowdon Mountain railway station, at the end of a road you reach a cattle grid and the information boards.

Llanberis path map/route up Mount Snowdon

As you head along a steep road you reach a cafe and just beyond that you will take a left through a gate, this is where the terrain begins to change and you clearly note that you are at the foot of the mountain.

The track becomes a little more rocky and can be unstable under the foot causing you to trip. It can be quite slippy when wet too.

On route up Llanberis Path

The hike up can be very tiring and you will work up a sweat so I would advise you to carry extra clothing so you can layer up later on when you are closer to the summit.

It was quite a cloudy day, not so cold and the rain stayed away for us. It was ideal hiking conditions but not so great for the camera. We managed to get some clear photos on the ascend to the mountain, but it was too misty up at the summit to see anything clearly.

The Llanberis path leads along the railway and it’s a beautiful sight to see the steam train run along side you

The boys were particularly happy to see that the sheep were all around, not just on the low level ground but also over half way up the mountain you will spot sheep grazing behind the rocks

Sheep on Mount Snowdon

Just before half way the train line runs along to the right of the pathway but you will need to walk under the track. It’s not long after that you see a building far in the distance. This is the halfway house, where you can buy some refreshments. On previous visits, there has always been a toilet here to use but it seems that they may have closed it as it is no longer available for customers to use.

Mount Snowdon Steam train on way descending down the mountain

The path steepens

Once you have had a well earned break at the cafe, the ascend becomes a little more trickier and the path steepens. Is it as this point where you begin to feel the legs become a little tighter and start to ache. It was here when the visibility began to get pretty poor and we just knew it was going to get worse.

Holding hands
Giving me a helping hand up the steep path

The pathway runs under the Snowdon railtrack again and as you come out from under the bridge on the other side, you may well notice a few hikers coming along from the left hand side. These are the braver few that have just walked along the Crib Goch ( I did wonder why someone was asking the way to the summit, i thought that maybe they had gone to find a toilet somewhere but my son corrected me)

The Summit is nigh

You know you are near when you notice a huge rock in the middle of the path. This is where five pathways meet – Pyg Track, Llanberis, Miners Track, Snowdon ranger and Crib Goch.

We didn’t get much of a view at the top as it was so cloudy. I believe we were within a cloud as the air was very wet.

Visibility was poor and it was much colder at the top.

It was also very busy. We decided against battling with the other hikers to the Summit, as you can see from the photos it was too busy to take the children to.

  • Within a cloud on Mount Snowdon
  • Just below the summit of Mount Snowdon
  • A quick pose at the top of the mountain
  • The train on it's way to the Summit of Snowdon

Once we had visited the toilet in the cafe at the top, it was time to get our legs working again and take the path back down.

The Descent

Obviously the descent is much easier than the ascent but you still have to be careful especially when the visibility is poor. The stones under the foot are wet making them slippery. We did notice someone had a fall and was nursing a bloody face and a sore foot.

It took us a total of 5 and a quarter hours from top to bottom, including a few little breaks. Not bad going! That was 3 and a quarter hours up and 2 down.

Before venturing on the Mountain You will need

  • Strong ankle supporting shoes/boots
  • Waterproof clothes
  • Gloves and hat ( sunglasses- the snow can be blinding with the sun)
  • Extra layers of clothing in a rucksack
  • Mobile charger
  • Food and drink
  • Check the weather conditions
  • Maps are available

The more active side of the family

Before we set of the two oldest and Dad had decided that they were going to run up the mountain. We had agreed that they would go ahead and the youngest and I would meet them on our way up. We saw them coming from behind the fog just over half way up, just as the path was steepening.

Dad and the middle boy decided to carry on running down and would wait for as the bottom, the eldest stopped his run and wanted to go to the top again with his brother and me.

I think they suffered a little as they couldn’t wait to get into a hot bath with some salts to soothe their aching legs. In fact, I think we all needed it!


A New Year a new goal

I’ve made a promise to myself that this year I will become a little fitter, I don’t want to lose weight but just to tone up and able to run around the park with the children without getting out of breath. Now that the boys are getting older and becoming more interested in outdoor sports, I just want to be able to join in with them, enjoy our time together and have fun. My two eldest boys partake in a 2k junior parkrun on a Sunday and the eldest runs in the 5k parkrun on a Saturday. I am always there to cheer them on from the side lines and always support them in any race that they participate in but now I want to be able to join them and support them in a different way.

I used to enjoy running as a young teenager and did get the chance to represent the school in the odd race but as I have got older I have become more and more lazy with running, to the extent that I don’t even run for a bus! Don’t get me wrong, I am fit. I will walk anywhere rather than drive and I can walk for miles and miles and not tired, I am far from being over weight but I do have the odd body part that has started to begin to sag.

Recently I looked in the full length mirror (not something i do often) and saw a body looking back at me that was lacking energy and looking a bit downbeat. I want to bring it back to life again.

I have lumps and bumps that i had no idea was there!

My reasons for becoming fit

  • Wanting to run around the park without getting breathless
  • Toning up areas that need a little lift, If you get what I mean?
  • I want to be able to wave my hand without my under arm waving along with it
  • My bottom now faces southwards and needs a little perk
  • I suffer from bad back and have osteo arthritis in my jaw, so I would like to make my bones and joints stronger by doing gentle exercise

I have downloaded the RunDouble app onto my phone which has the couch to 5k on it. The couch to 5k is a beginners running training plan that is designed to help you ease into running and achieve your goal of running 5k. The programme consists of three sessions per week, lasting from 20 – 30 minutes each time and runs for 9 weeks. Each session consists of walking and jogging and as the weeks go on you do less walking so by the end of the 9 weeks you should be able to do jog for 3 miles.

I started the first session yesterday morning. I woke up at 5:30, done a gentle warm up and off i went , out into the cold fresh morning air. There wasn’t many people around, it was rather quiet. I had no idea of where I was going to jog/walk to as the park wouldn’t be open at that time and to be honest they are not a safe place to be where I live anyway. I held my phone in my hand and pressed start on the app, It started off with a 5 minute warm up walk, then went into a 60 second jog and then a 90 second walk. This went on for about 20 minutes and finished with a 5 minute walk down. Although the jogging doesn’t sound like much, I was beginning to sweat So I know it was doing something to my body. I felt really good after the exercise and was wide awake for the rest of the day.


Today I am feeling it, today i have aches in muscles and joints that i had no idea existed! It’s not going to stop me though, if anything it has just made me more determined to carry on and achieve me goal of jogging 5k.

I have next session planned in for Thursday, wish me luck!



Little Mister Independent

Oliver is now 27 months old and becoming quite a little character, he knows what he wants and how to get it!

Ha has always been a child who likes to investigate items by himself rather than being shown what they are and what to do with them, from the moment he could hold his own bottle he never wanted anyone else to feed him to now when I place his dinner on the table he will not have anyone else feed him his food unless of coarse it is from someone else’s plate.

Oliver doesn’t want to be in the pram anymore and we have the fight every morning, you know the one where the child goes as stiff as a brick and will not bend there legs so you have to resort into trying to bend them yourself. Oliver watches his older brothers walk every morning to the childminders and he wants to be with them, which is fine in the summer but in the cold miserable winter weather it’s not ideal. Every morning he will pick up his lunch bag, that he takes to the childminder and he will say straight away ‘Oliver walk!’ and then he will go and sit on the bottom step near the front door waiting with his brothers to leave the house. If Oliver had his way he would walk everywhere!






New Shoes

these boots were made for walking and that’s just what they’ll do…..

Oliver has never been too keen on keeping his shoes and socks on and as we have had pretty good weather over the summer he has spent most of it barefooted.
His feet are only small for his age and as he is 13 months old and very stable on his feet buying the shoes that fit him are soft soles and not particularly fitting for babies that are on the move. His shoe size is 2 which fit a 6 months old baby that’s less than half his age (although his clothes are the same too) I have found it hard to buy shoe that I could afford with a hard sole which would help him with his walking until last week when I was out shopping with the boys looking for school shoes when I saw a perfect pair in the sale for Oliver, i Couldn’t resist.
I tried one on his foot and he sat there with the biggest grin ever looking at his foot with the shoe on, twisting and turning it so he could see every angle, he was definitely pleased with them and seeing as they were only £10 I had to have them. He cried when I took them off to take them to the counter to pay for them so I knew he would like them as soon as we was out of the shop I put them on Him and unlike any other time when I have put shoes on him they stayed put for the rest of the day, he just kept lifting his feet up and looking at them and shouting ‘Mum Mum’ as if to say ‘look mum, look what ive got!’

The shoes are little converse all star ones and are black and white made from canvas with Velcro fastenings. Oliver has a little thing with Velcro and loves to rip it open on his daddy’s cycling shoes, he follows him around the house in the morning undoing his shoes, I think it may be the mouse it makes that he likes. I thought that he would do this with his own shoes but he hasn’t (fingers crossed) done it yet!
He doesn’t even like to take them off in doors he is always bringing them to me to put on his feet, he has tried putting them in himself but he only manages to get his big toe in and wonders why he falls over and they come off when he stands up lol.


I love how he puts his foot out when he knows it’s time to put his shoes on, he never use to do this all he would do before would be to scream and wriggle his toes around and scrunch them up
Making it impossible for me To put them on, I had tried trainers, sandals, soft booties, slippers and shoes and they would only ever be on his feet for 5 minutes or as soon as he was in his buggy and being pushed they would be taken off and thrown to the side leaving me to pick them up.


He is even happy to walk around just in his nappy with them on and no socks.
I am so pleased that eventually after months of being shoeless we have found the perfect pair that he his happy with and likes.
He loves to walk around all day and stamps his little feet up and down on the spot, smiling away.


How long did it take for you to find the perfect shoes for your little one and what sort of shoe are they? I would love to hear from everyone what you think of Oliver’s choice of shoes 🙂

Thank you for reading my post


252/366 tiresome

There is no stopping My little Oliver with his walking since he started when he was 10 months old he has non stopped walked/ran/climbed everywhere, he seriously tires me out.
We went to the park today to see the Green Fun Day and while we were there we went over to the sand adventure play park area, Oliver wasn’t interested like he normally is with the sand Oh No he wanted to follow the path up an down, now as the sun was beaming down on it it was very hot to touch but it didn’t stop him from following it like Dorothy did to the yellow brick road in The Wizard Of Oz.
He was very cheeky with it as well, thought it was funny and jut kept running away from me.