Come Walking with Dinosaurs

Christmas is arguably the most magical time of the year and as Christmas is fast approaching I have been seriously thinking about what to buy for the boys and it is beginning to get very stressful. They do not need any more toys clogging up our tiny house, plus they pretty much have everything anyway and as they are getting older they are growing out of wanting toys to play with, especially the oldest one. I always like to buy something that is educational for them too, we have one console in our house, the PS3 and probably about 8 games to play on it. Not all games are educational, like Lego Batman but it is definitely fun.

So as the days fly by, I need to get my thinking cap on pretty fast! Although help is at hand from Playstation3 as they launch two new exciting additions to the Wonderbook series – Walking with Dinosaurs and Book of Potions

Wonderbook is a virtual story book that comes to life in front of the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Eye camera. So far their are four child friendly games in the series – Book of Spells, Diggs Nightcrawler, Book of Potions and Walking with Dinosaurs, all brought to life in one physical book peripheral filled with thousands of adventures and experiences to explore. The stories feed little ones’ imaginations by putting them at the heart of the action, using augmented reality technology to transform the world around them, bringing mystery and discovery into the heart of the living room. Guaranteed to bring out the big kid in all ages. What is great about the Wonderbook series is that you only need one Wonderbook to play all four games and is the perfect way to keep the whole family entertained over the festive period.

“Book of Potions is set in the world of the Harry Potter stories and enables children to see if they have what it takes to become potions champion as they get the chance to enjoy an entirely new creation from the imagination of J.K. Rowling. The magical journey takes children through a mysterious, enchanted garden, guided by Zygmunt Budge – an accomplished potioneer, as they compete for the elusive Golden Cauldron with the PlayStation Move motion controller to chop, crush and grind ingredients for your magical concoctions. The game also allows children tointegrate Hogwarts™ house and use their very own wand when they link to their account on – the free, immersive and interactive website from J.K. Rowling.”

“Walking with Dinosaurs encourages children to take a walk on the wild side by digging up 150 million year old secrets to uncover dinosaur fossils, as they then stand back and watch the prehistoric giants come to life right before their eyes. The adventure takes them on a fun, interactive and educational adventure through prehistoric worlds as they walk among giant herbivores such as Triceratops and Stegosaurus, and come face-to-face with deadly predators including Mapusaurus and Tyrannosaurus. Children will also get to catch-up with Patchi and Juniper, stars of Walking with Dinosaurs: The 3D Movie, as well as a whole cast of new characters.”

We was sent a copy of the new Wonderbook games to review.

 The boys couldn’t wait to play ‘Walking with Dinosaurs’, the game is A guide to how giant reptiles walked, lived and fought 65 millions years ago.
To start you are talked through how to set up the wonderbook and camera, once ready, you are ready to go walking with dinosaurs.

The first chapter is Digging up the past
Here you have to hammer away at a piece of rock with a hammer to reveal dirt, you then change the tool to a brush so that you can eventually reveal bones of a dinosaur.
Pick up the bones one at a time and fit them into place.


Joseph revealed a Gorgon, a deadly predator who targets the weak and the sick and by building the dinosaur we collected our first fact card.

The next page is 75 million years ago:
Here you have to use the controller to move around the page, as you move the controller around a magnifying glass appears over hidden creatures you click on them to reveal detailed information on them. Here you meet Patchi and Juniper.

Joseph then went onto the prehistoric page where he played with Juniper, a character from the Movie




The story feeds the children’s imaginations by putting them into the heart of the action, bringing mystery and discovery into the heart of the living room.


Life in the herd is Jaks favourite part of the game, and after watching the boys play i could see why.
It is A very noisy interactive part of the game with lots of roaring, you have to roar really loudly to help the dinosaurs find a mate.
We meet juniper and patchi again, now they are old enough to mix in with the herd.
Uh oh there’s a fight with mating rivals, watch help the dinosaurs to knock over trees to prove their strength.
Through out the game you get to Take A quiz where you get tested on your knowledge and find out what you have learnt so far. The more correct answers and chapters finished, the more fact cards you win along the way

The next chapter that both the boys enjoyed was Warring giants:
Here Patchi fights with another dinosaur, using the controller and following the signs on the screen, you help Patchi fight.
Gorgon turns up, both dinosaurs are exhausted from their fight but Patchi manages to escape unlike his rival who gets eaten by Gorgon.

Another chapter in the game is Life on the floodplain:
This is the part where Dinosaurs move on to trek inland, the boys took a quiz in this chapter and unlocked the next part of the book.

Walking with Dinosaurs is a fabulous, fun and interactive game for the whole family although i must stress that it is aimed at children above the age of 7. The children love seeing themselves on the TV along with the characters from the game, It makes the game all the more exciting! Not only is the game interesting but it is also educational, as the boys took the quiz’s, I could see the delight in their faces when they answered correctly and won a fact card.

The game is an ideal gift for Christmas, I know that as a family we will be enjoying the game on Christmas Day, as it is a game that we can all play.

Book of Potions and Walking with Dinosaurs will be available from 15th November on PlayStation 3. Both will retail within selected retailers, including Amazon. More information about PlayStation products can be found at

We was sent a promotional game to play for the purpose of this review