The boys singing Living on a prayer- video

The boys asked me to video them today singing ‘Living on a prayer’ by Jon Bon Jovi.
Jak has been practicing the song for a. Competition he has entered this weekend, he tried his best to concentrate in the video but Joseph was just being his usual silly self and having fun. It was nice to see Jak having fun with the song rather than being serious about it, he has practiced so much lately that I’m sure by Saturday night he will probably have lost his voice.
At one point in the video Joseph decides to stick his bottom in the air, this seems to be a normal thing for him to do lately every time I video him he always does it lol. (See if you can spot him doing it in the video)

What I also like about the video is that it shows off their really close relationship, how much they love each other and their lovely bright personalities. They both hold hands during singing the song and when I noticed them doing it I couldn’t stop smiling. They make me so happy and brighten every day for me.

Watch their video below, don’t be shy and leave a comment below.


Thank you for watching and reading my post