Raindrops Swimwear in Style! Swimwear Review

When i saw a post pop up on twitter from Jellyfingers saying that a clothing company called Raindrops were looking for reviewers for their swimwear products, I got straight to emailing them my details. My boys love to swim and i am forever buying them swim aids, Joseph who is four years old learnt to swim properly late last year without the aid of any floats. They spend every day in the summer in our swimming pool in the garden, so i knew we would definitely be able to test these products.

Raindrops are best known for their Scandinavian high performance rain and winterwear. Their clothes are designed for tough outdoor play and they have an exclusive range of clothing from top Scandinavian brands proving to be practical, stylish, robust and comfortable to wear every day. They work with companies who produce clothes in an environmentally sensitive way using natural materials where possible. Raindrops are more well-known for their winter outdoors clothing but they do have a fabulous selection of swimwear and summer clothing.

We was lucky enough to be sent some swimwear outfits for all of the boys to suit their age groups and all were produced by a company called Lindberg.

Jak was sent a pair of Black Lindberg Largo Shorts, these were a big hit with him as he is 9 years old and has outgrown wearing the trunks and likes to wear the baggier version. They are knee-length with a very grown up design on them, they tie up at the waist and have a back pocket. Jak found them very comfortable and even wore them on a day out to London, where he put them to the first test in Diana’s memorial fountain in Hyde Park. We found them to be quick drying and very stylish. they kept him cool in the hot weather we were having and he found it easy to run around in the park wearing in them. They have netted pants inside so there is no need to wear underwear with them.

Style: Very fashionable and stylish with a superb design to suit the older age group of children. The material is soft and made to the highest quality.

Fit: The size we received was for 134/140cms, Jak’s height is 135cm so these fit him perfectly. They have elastic at the back of the waistband and a tie at the front so easily adjusted.

Performance:Very Good! comfortable to wear in the water as well as out of it. Quick drying material and light weight. Jak never felt any drag from them whilst swimming.

Price: £18.95

Thumbs up from Jak

Next was Joseph he was sent a pair of Lindberg Max Dinosaur Trunks and a Swimcoach in yellow to try out. The Trunks are very cute and perfect for the little ones, with a gorgeous cute little design on it, the colour is bright and the material is strong and durable. I like the fact that the pictures are only on the side of the trunks and not all over it, we found them to be perfect to play in too as Joseph jumped around on the trampoline with them on.

Style: Perfect for the younger ones and not too babyish. I love the bright colour and ideal to wear out of the pool too. Cute little pictures of dinosaurs down the side. The design with the front pocket gives it an older style look to it and the quality again is superb.

Fit: Joseph looked so cut in these and said he looked like his big brother. They can be adjusted at the waist with the draw string and is lined with a front panel. The material is strong.

Performance: Joseph wore these at Hyde Park like is brother and was very comfortable in them. We have yet to try them in the swimming pool but i am sure they will be perfect.

Price: From £10.00

The Swimcoach is a unique flotation aid to help your child learn to swim without feeling constricted. The extra buoyancy helps your child to feel confident and their swimming skills will develop naturally. The Swimcoach is suitable for children aged 2-6 and easy to use on the beach and in the water. It has a built in flotation material with the purpose of improving the child’s freedom of mobility in the water. This was definitely Joseph’s favourite, he loved it! He was comfortable wearing it and very comfortable in the water. With the flotation on the front and back it gave him that extra confidence to swim into the deep end with no help from me. I felt at ease allowing him swim away from me and he felt comfortable in doing so, he even jumped into the deep end and just bobbed back up again. I liked that it is in flourescent yellow as the swimming pool was busy and i could find him easily. His arms were free to do his strokes as the Swimcoach fits snuggly around his body. This product definitely gets the big thumbs up from us.

Style: I love the style of this product, its high visibility, perfect to spot on a busy beach on swimming pool. I like how it is attached to a pair of trunks and that it stretches to fit children as it is made from lycra. Joseph said he felt like his daddy when he wears his wetsuit.

Fit: The fit is snug and the material is strong and comfortable in the water and out. This outfit was tested on the trampoline too lol. It didn’t need to be adjusted at all when he was swimming and gave him complete freedom in the water.

Performance:Easy to put on and take off, even Joseph managed to do this himself. Perfect buoyancy and lightweight even when wet. We found it to dry very quickly too. Fabulous product.

Price: From £24.00

Oliver was sent a Lindberg Swim Nappy in Royal Blue. They have a hidden protection inside the nappy so there will be no embarrassing moments in the water. They look like a pair of pants and are not very bulky at all. As we was sent on to fit a 9-12kg baby and Oliver is at the lowest of the measurement I put on a nappy underneath just to be on the safe side. They are lightweight and were soft on Oliver’s little bottom. They have cut little pictures of teddy pirates on them and are very bright in colour.

Style: I like the style of these swim pants, they are different from any others i have seen. They have pictures and words on them, It says ‘Company’ and ‘Bandanas’ and has pirates and swirls all over them. They are lovely and bright.

Fit: Very good! The material again is soft on the inside and out and is elasticated around the waist and leg. They have adjustable waist with a drawstring and are not bulky at all, they left no little marks on his skin around the waistline or legs like some swim nappies do.

Performance: Oliver tested these in the swimming pool and they worked brilliantly. Again they dried very quickly.

Price: From £12.50

We was very happy with all of the products and would definitely recommend them to others. They are of a high standard and very good quality and are priced very competitively to the high street. In my opinion the products were all gorgeous and brilliantly made to a high spec.

Visit Raindrops at www.raindrops.co.uk and check out what else they have in stock you will not be disappointed.

We received the items from raindrops to review and my opinions are of my own and of m,y children.