Ninjas In Training – The Ultimate Ninja Warrior Experience

It’s Saturday Night and like most families we are sat down, snuggled on the sofa watching the TV. We are an active family and have always enjoyed watching Ninja Warrior. And like most people who are sitting on their sofa, we shout at the television as a contestant misses the rope swing and plummets into the cold water, that ‘We could do that’. It looks so simple on the television and its easy for us to say that we could do it without trying.

For those of you that have been living in the darkness for the past few years, Ninja Warrior is a game show where contestants compete against each other and the clock on an indoor assault course. Each contestant begins the first stage of the competition in attempting to complete 6 obstacles and pushing the big red button at the end and hopefully with a fast time, going on through to the semi final. Some of the obstacles include dancing stones, tarzan rope, giant gymnasium rings that you swing from one to another, monkey wall that you wedge yourself between, moving punchbag and a rolling balance beam among many others. The most important and popular obstacle of all is the ‘warped wall’. A wall that is inclined and curves back on itself. These obstacles test ability, strength, co-ordination and speed.

My boys, including the grown up one, have always been interested in doing obstacle courses, they have made ones up in the garden and also entered races, where they have had the chance to experience many different types of obstacles in a field/mud. So, much to our delight when we found out that an indoor obstacle course was opening up within 50 miles of where we live, we couldn’t wait to try it out.

Lucky for the boys, we was in the area at the weekend so we decided to book them in for the hour of Ninja Training.


As we arrived we was a little disheartened to see that It was smaller than what we was expecting, but after 5 minutes in the hall we quickly noticed that the obstacles were quite compacted in. Only children aged over 8 are allowed onto the course and you must sign a waiver before entering.

I stayed in the seating area and watched the boys and Dad trying out all the obstacles.

There were many of the same activities that you would find are on the Television programme. After 10 minutes they were feeling the strain on the muscles, but it didn’t stop them from going ahead and trying out all of the obstacles that were available for them to go on. 20170121_132917

A favourite of, pretty much everyone, was the Warped Wall. Everyone wanted to see if the could beat the wall. I didn’t get a video of Dad doing, but you have my word that he managed to get to the top. My son Joseph was determined not to allow it to beat him and kept on trying until he made it to the top without help.

The Quintuple steps may look easy, The eldest boy kept practising until he managed to get across without falling to the floor. Each board is set a 45′ angle, you need to use your speed and agility to push yourself from one to another.

The jump hang is where you jump onto a mini trampoline and leap onto the cargo net. Be careful, as you may miss the net and land on the floor. There is no water under there to drop into, unlike the TV programme, this is hard core training. Using your leg muscles and testing your grip.


Using his agility and strength, Dad made it across the Spider Wall. You need strong legs and upper arm strength for this one. He then went onto the Pole Slider, this obstacle requires a lot of strength in the upper arms. Hanging from a pole, Dad negotiated the rises to move the bar along to the end.

There really is lots to get stuck into and practice your skills on. And if you do want a little rest from it all then there is a cafe that you can rest in and enjoy a nice drink or a snack.

The hour went by quickly and it was soon time to leave the building. It costs £10/hour for the Ninja Training and there is an extra cost to compete in the race zone and try and get your name up on the leaderboard.

Everyone really enjoyed themselves. We will definitely be visiting again.

Thank you for reading 🙂


C25K with children

Last Tuesday I started my ‘Couch to 5k’ training, since then  I have managed to do about 4 sessions. I am supposed to do three sessions spaced equally over a week, so I have decided to train on a Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

I haven’t found it easy to fit it in, especially with working and looking after three children. Last week I went out for a jog early in the morning before the children woke up and the other half went to work and on Thursday I managed to get in 20 minute session whilst the children were at athletics club, but on Sunday and today I had to go out with the children.

The boys don’t mind assisting me with my jogging as they are very fit and love to run anyway. They are far better than me and when i stop for a brisk walk they just want to carry on jogging, even my jogging pace is too slow for them.

When my middle and eldest boys found out i was training to run 5k, they couldn’t wait to offer their help.

On Sunday, the boys and I all went out together in the morning, the sun was shining and it was quite pleasant weather. The youngest is only three and I was a bit worried that it would be too much for him. The week 1 session starts with a brisk 5 minute walk followed by 7 repetitions of 60 second run and a 90 second walk, then finishes with another 5 minute walk. He did struggle a little but when it was time to walk i picked him for a little rest. I handed over my phone to the eldest so he could take charge of the app that i had installed on my phone, once it was time to change from a run to a walk the phone would buzz to let us know. This made him feel a little like my personal trainer as he shouted out when to walk and when to jog.

I was too tired to go out early this morning, plus their was a little incident near by at our local shops and it scared me a little to go out in the dark on my own, so I decided to go with the boy again after school.  I was starting to get a little dark as we left the house, the eldest decided to stay at home and I persuaded the youngest to sit in his stroller. We had only got 2 minutes into our warm up walk and he had fallen asleep. The pavements were a little uneven and the stroller has seen better days (I was a little worried that the wheel would fall off at one point) It was bit bumpy but it manged to stay together for the 25 minutes we were out. It actually gave me something to lean against at times.

DSC_1103 DSC_1104

This week sessions start with a brisk 5 minutes walk followed with 6 repetitions of 90 seconds running and 120 seconds walking and a 5 minute warm down walk. I managed to keep up with my son who was always running just ahead of me.

I really enjoyed being out with the boys, we talked as we walked/jogged and it made the time go quite fast.



I love how my children really want to help me achieve my goal, they are very supportive. I can’t wait until summer comes and I will be able to run around the park with them. Not only am I becoming healthier and fitter but my boys are being more active than normal.  It’s got to be better than playing on the Playstation, right? (although I’m not sure they would agree with me on that, lol)

Are you dong the C25K? How do you manage to fit in the sessions?


A Wintery Morning ParkRun #countrykids

Early Saturday morning the boys and I wrapped up warm and travelled to one of our local parks, I say early as we left at 8:15am!

Jak normally takes part in a 5k Parkrun on a Saturday with his Dad, but Dad got called out to work early so I had to step in and take him. Jak loves running and is currently training to enter in the Mini Marathon borough trials, last week he managed to run 5k in 23:27 so this week he was hoping to beat his time. We arrived at the park 15 minutes prior to start time so Jak done some warm ups and talked me through the route that he would be running.

Parkrun is a Free local weekly 5km event for runners of all standards, which takes place every Saturday at 9:00am in our local Park. It is not a race against other runners, but a 5k timed run for fun or as part of a training plan. People of all ages ages, name or female from the local community come together on a regular basis, you can run, jog, walk or push a buggy, not only do you get free physical exercise but you get to enjoy the beauty of the park. Jak has registered himself online with them so he has a barcode that he has to take along with him so that he can get it scanned at the end of the run and he will receive his official time.

As the start time was approaching and Jak made his way along with the other participants, the boys and I made our way to the lake so we could cheer him on as he passed us by.



It was amazing to see him run along with adults, he was in 7th place and I could have burst with pride. That’s my boy running past me with such energy and passion for the sport.

Joseph showed me where to go next on the course to see him pass again (Joseph sometimes goes along too on his bike)



Everytime Joseph saw him he cheered him on, Jak said this gave him that extra burst of energy to him shout his name 🙂

We was at the finish line to watch him pass over the line, he managed to run it in 22:33 a new personal best for him!



He is really serious about his running and has now got a new goal, he wants to get his time down by a minute at least! I don’t want him to push himself too much as I want him to keep on enjoying running.

His trial is on the 26th of this month and he has to come in the top 8 in his age category to be in with a chance of competing for the borough in the London Mini Marathon. He is 11 years old (yr 6) he has so much drive and commitment to it I am hoping that he will do well.

After Jak had done his stretches and had a little rest we all went off to feed the ducks


Oliver loves to feed the ducks, but they were a bit on the hungry side and chased us for the bread so we made a quick get away and found a few puddles to jump into instead



I am glad we had a spare pair of socks and trousers as he got absolutely drenched! He had so much fun though and smiled and giggled the whole time.

Although it was chilly the Sun had started to make an appearance, the sky was a clear blue and it was turning into a pleasant winters sunny morning.

The boys had some fun playing in the park, Jak rested on the big rope swing


Oliver climbed on the sunken wooden ship and loved clambering up the rope ladder to the look out point



All in all Our early morning trip to the park was quite eventful, full of the new memories and lots of fresh air.

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