Thomas & Friends special 70th birthday celebrations

School to win chance to record a new Thomas & Friends song in special 70th anniversary year!

This year it’s Thomas & Friends 70th birthday and to celebrate they are launching a competition to get schools involved. To mark the iconic brands birthday they are asking Primary school classes across the country to enter a singing competition for the chance to record a new song for the upcoming film which is to be released this Autumn.

Judges are looking for the best, most creative singers in the country to be in with a chance of scooping the top prize package for their entire class, which includes…

  • An all-expenses paid trip to a recording studio to sing and record the Thomas & Friends theme tune which will feature on a special anniversary DVD
  • A half-day musical experience run by a music specialist
  • £200 worth of musical instruments
  • A visit from The Fat Controller

All schools who register for the competition via the National Schools Partnership website will receive a free downloadable resource pack, full of fun and simple activities linked to numeracy, literacy, PE and art and design, to help engage and inspire children to make their entry stand out.

Register today at

Thomas the Tank Engine was created by a father for his son 69 years ago and today is enjoyed by families in more than 185 territories and in 30 languages. The little blue engine and his friends invite children to enter into a world of imagination through the tracks of a train and the words of a story.

All three of my children have adored Thomas & Friends. The youngest can recite which colour, number and name the trains are, he builds tracks around the house all the time and makes up his own little adventures, his imagination runs wild.

To find out more about Thomas & Friends visit their website.

Good Luck!




Yoghurt Pot Train

We have found another use of our used empty yoghurt pots rather than just throw them into the recycle bin.

We made a train!

You will need:
Yoghurt pots (clean, empty)
Bottle lids
Glue and double sides sticky dots


Take three pots which will be your engine. Glue the opened side to another on the opened side and then glue the third pot on top of the pots. So it will look like a L shape! (A bit hard to explain, sorry!)

Glue some bottle lids in place with the sticky dots, these will be the wheels.

Do the above on the other pots you have, however many carriages you want, we did two!

Connect each carriage and engine up with straws. Make a hole and push through the straw.

My explanation isn’t very good, it really is simple. It is probably best for you just to follow the picture below.


You can now paint it in want colour you want, Joseph wanted to keep his one as yoghurt pots (not sure why!)

Hope you enjoy this simple easy craft.