Following in the footsteps of the Olympians at The BMX VeloPark, Stratford

The Olympics may seem like a distance memory to most of us but last Sunday, the boys were lucky enough to be invited along to test out the BMX course at the one and only VeloPark in Stratford, which was used in London 2012 Olympics for the BMXing. As it was Fathers day, dad came along but he didn’t take part with the boys as he was too busy having a nose around the velodrome with the youngest.

Jak, Faye (Jak’s friend) and Joseph were kitted out with cycling gloves, helmets, elbow pads and was led out to choose a BMX bike. Joseph is quite small for his age, measuring at 110cm, could just about touch the floor with his toes when sitting on the bike but that didn’t dampen his excitement on getting onto the course with the other BMXers.

The children were booked on to an hours long taster session where they were to be introduced the sport, learning all the skills they needed to be able to ride the BMX bike around the course. The coach was friendly and made the children feel at ease, calling them by their names and being very helpful. He had placed the group into two, they all got to go around the cones, was shown how to go up and down when on a hill and they even got to sprint up and over the smallest of the ramps.

At the start
Looking like a pro
Joseph didn’t find it easy to use his breaks

Some of the group who took to the smaller course with ease were graduated onto the bigger of the courses.

Joseph was doing really well but found it a bit hard getting up the ramp, I told him to cycle really fast on the run up to the ramp and then he should be able to make it to the top. I love to watch him try new sports, he is a little adrenaline junkie and likes to test mummy’s nerves by trying out new activities that other children his age and height might not have the confidence to do. Joseph loved going round the track, up and over the ramps but found it quite hard to use the break so he chose to roll to a stop further than where he should have stopped.


Jak is quite experienced on a bike, having tried out the ramps at a local park, graduated onto the larger course. I was a little worried just in case he fell off but he had his elbow pads and helmet on so was protected from a little fall. As i watched him race around the track going down the steep hill and off to go up and down the huge ramps, I couldn’t help but look over to both my boys and beam with pride, both were loving the activity and the thrill it was giving them.



The boys and their friend had a lovely time and can not wait to be able to hit the track again! The fact that the VeloPark is close to us is amazing, the Olympics inspired my boys and now they have had a taster of living the dream.

We was invited along to the VeloPark by Indespension, a company who specialise in towbars, trailers and carriers. Indespension want us to take advantage of what is on our doorstep, set off to the coast, into the hills or out to the forest so that we can being in the great outdoors. So why don’t you #getoutthere

We was invited along to the VeloPark for the purpose of this post