No No No!

Since being a new born baby Oliver has had a problem with constipation, it was firstly down to the medication he was on for his reflux which i took him off of it because of the toilet problems he was having when he was 5 months old.

One day his stools will be soft and the next they will be hard, we have tried baby massage, orange juice and lots of fruit but still he has problems.

There are days when he is ok but then he can have a bad day where he will run around the house shouting “No No No!” and crying in pain, he will hold onto my legs screaming and then run off and hide in a cupboard or behind the sofa. I know when he does this it means that he is getting the feeling to release his bowels and he tries his best to stop himself from going. If I can get him to lay down, I try to bend his legs but he is so strong and adamant that it takes all my strength to bend them at the knees. I try to move them in a bicycle motion, up and down but he won’t have any of it! I have given him warm baths and massaged his tummy and lower back.

There are times when he will sit on his potty and hold onto the sides crying out for me and screaming No but he does manage to go, he is obviously in pain and I try my best to help him.

I recently took him to the doctors as I started to see blood in his stools. The first time I saw this I felt terrible, it  was horrible, I cried and held him tight, holding him close. The blood had come out in a soft stool so Oliver hadn’t torn himself from trying to go, it must have been there from before.

Every time he gets the feeling he fears it and yet what can I do? I feel worthless! My son is in pain and there is nothing I can do to help him.

He has a varied diet which he eats fish, plenty of fruit and drinks lots of juice. He is an active boy with lots of energy and gets lots of rest as he loves his sleep. He has two bottles a day of formula growing up milk and yet he still suffers from constipation.

He has his second appointment tomorrow with the doctor as the blood is still coming out when he goes to the toilet and the cream that he was given on the first appointment has not helped.

Jak my eldest was given a bowel stretch when he was 2 years old as he suffered with the same symptoms and since having the minor op he hasn’t suffered since.

I am at my wits end with Oliver’s suffering and just want to ease his pain.

If anyone can offer some advice I would love to hear it, please!