I have a toddler!

Oliver started crawling at 5 months old and since then he has been non stop, always off on a little baby adventure somewhere, there was no where that his crawling wouldn’t get him. Once he mastered the crawling he quickly realised that he could stand and learned a new way of exploring the living room by walking around the furniture. By the time he reached 9 months old he plucked up enough courage to take his first step, he was a bit wobbly at first but soon became more confident and more sturdy on his feet once he figured out his balance he started to let go of the furniture and take more steps, he took pleasure in finding this very funny and spent more time standing on his own without aid and trying to walk. Once he turned 10 months old he was taking about 4 steps, he will be 11 months old this week and is walking everywhere. He has even mastered walking outside on the grass, he no longer needs to hold onto furniture on pull himself on my legs in order to stand up he can do this all by himself. If he falls he just gets back up on goes on his way.
When we was teaching him to walk we always just held him with one hand this way he learnt how to balance himself and didn’t rely on us to hold him steady. I also found that a push along walker really helped him as he took pleasure in pushing it along, the wheels didn’t have a swivel on them thus aiding him into walking in a straight line and it had quite a bit of weight to it which enabled him to push it along at his own pace rather than it going off too fast causing him to fall forward onto his face. Oliver is very proud of himself everytime he walks as I have given him lots of praise, so whenever he toddles across the room he looks at me and waits for my squeals of delight and clapping if hands. He has even taken to applauding himself now if no one is taking any notice of him, which to be honest isn’t often as he has always got his big brothers playing with him and encouraging him to join in with them.
As an active family Oliver has fitted in really well, I never thought we would ever have a quiet placid baby to be honest, he climbs all over the place and isn’t happy if his little legs are moving, he even moves in his sleep! It would be lovely to have a baby who would like to sit only lap and enjoy watching television with me, it would be so much easier as i wouldn’t have to run around the house after him and constantly take him off of the furniture that he has climbed onto but no I have a baby who is more happy to be doing things by himself. He takes after his big brothers as they are always on the go too, attending club after club and playing in the garden, sometimes I wonder if they would ever tire themselves.