A Guide for planning your Disneyland Paris trip

Disneyland Paris is a magical place and with the right type of planning your trip to the theme park could be an even more enjoyable one. Planning is the key to make the trip run smoothly.

Disneyland Paris is an amazing place, not as big as WaltDisney World but a much more . affordable and easily accessible park to visit. With the journey time from London St Pancras being just under a few hours (quicker if using a direct train) it just makes it even more of spot to place onto your bucket list of places to visit. Disneyland Paris consists of two parks, many themed hotels and the Disney Village where there are many places to dine and enjoy yourself.

We have just arrived back from a 5 day trip to DLP, where we stayed at NewportBay Club Hotel and managed to have a day trip into Paris too. I didn’t do too much planning before going with the children and there are plenty of things that I have learned since coming back from our little break and would like to share with you all. I definitely know for next time where to head to at what time, the best places to stand during the illuminations and parade and where to eat.


1 Take along some Mickey or Minnie ears with you, these are the headbands that have the mouse ears attached to them. I checked on ebay and you can buy them for a fraction of the cost they are selling at Disneyland.

2 Ponchos come in handy for when the weather takes a little wet turn. They are light to carry and fold away when not in use. They are especially ideal for Autumn, Spring time when you don’t want to be carry around your coat

3 If you are staying in one of the many Disney Hotels then make the most of the parks magic hours, where you can enter the park before it opens. That’s 2 whole hours prior to everyone else. Not all ares are open early but you can do the meet and greets with the characters and rides in Fantasyland and Discoveryland are open.

  1. Avoid the Disney parks about midday as this is the busiest time. We took this time to go back to the hotel for a swim in the pool, take a rest in the hotel room or just walk about the Disney village and have lunch
  2. Download the EuroDisneyLand App prior to going. This app will tell you where to eat, how long the queues for the attractions are and what is closed. It’s a handy little map too. I found that my 4G wasn’t particularly great in some areas, so I used the app as a map to help guide us around the parks.
  3. Take comfy shoes to wear. DLP is not about fashion. Your feet will ache from all of the walking around and waiting in queues.
  4. Use your fastpass as soon as you can as the time slots soon fill up pretty quickly on busy days. We used ours for the most popular rides, like Hollywood Terror Towers, Ratatouille, Buzz light year and Thunder Mountain. When you use your fastpass for a ride check the bottom of the ticket as it will give you a time when you can use it again

  5. Head on over to the studios and take a seat at one of the many shows to watch. The Moteurs show is one not to be missed. A spectacular action stunt show set amongst a full scale mediterranean village. Watch the hero red car speed away from the bad guys using some nail biting stunts, there is even a fiery finale


  1. Be prepared to queue for up to an hour on most rides. We saw queues with a waiting time of up to 130 minutes.
  • Although DLP does not allow picnics to be had inside the parks you can take in snacks. They come in handy when waiting in the long queues especially with the little ones
  • Book your meals before you arrive as the restaurants quickly become full especially Chez Remy, which is situated in The Studios. You can book over the phone up to a month before your trip starts or book with the concierge in your hotel on the day of your arrival

  • We ate in Agrabah, Cafe Mickey, Sequoia Lodge, Cape Cod and Earl of Sandwich

    Buffet breakfast at Newport Bay Club
    Buffet breakfast at Newport Bay Club


    1. Meet and Greets are available in the mornings from 8am in the Disney Hotel foyers
  • Pushchairs are available to hire out in the parks
  • If your child is not tall enough for a ride but you want to give it a go the most rides do a Rider switch where you all queue up at the same time and take it in turns to ride the attraction without queueing again. Just tell the member of staff when you begin to queue that is what you want to do.

  • Certain attractions offer a Single Rider option where you can join a special queue if you don’t mind filling up a spare space on the attraction and not ride along with friends or family. This queue is normally not as busy as the main queue

  • Turn up for the parade and illuminations about half hour before they begin. You will find that most people begin to find a spot about an hour before. We watched the parade at the bottom of the main street. I would advice to look out for where the sun is especially if you want to take some snaps as you dont’ want the sunshine to ruin your photos in the back drop. The illuminations start when the park closes, everyone tries to get just in front of the castle but we found that we had a great view from the entrance to fantasyland

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    1. Take along a spare charge lead and a portable charger. If you are only using your phone as a camera then the battery will quickly go and you dont want to miss out on any photo opportunity
  • For quieter rides head on over to the back of Fantasyland where you will find Les Pays des Contes De Fees a gentle boat ride amongst Disney Storybook land and Casey Jr – Le Petit Train Du Cirque, a train ride above miniature land. We only queued for about 10 minutes for these rides.
  • For the magic to really come alive you must visit the dragon that lives in the caves under the castle

  • Explore the many winding caves and see the waterfall or walk over the rickety walk way in Adventure isle in Frontier Land. From the eerie gloom of Skull Rock to the stunning landscape of Spyglass Hill, there are secrets and stories to uncover at every turn. At Adventure Isle keep a watchful eye on what’s ahead as danger lurks beneath crisscrossing suspension bridges, beside narrow pathways and within spooky caves.

    1. If you’re arriving at the le marnee de valley train station there will be shuttle busses taking you to your hotel just outside of the station. each stop is sign posted with the hotel that the shuttle stops at and they run about every 20 minutes
  • Don’t miss out on the many photo opportunities you get not only with the meet and greets but also with the many statues that are around both parks. Playland in The Studios is a fabulous place for the young ones
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    My boys also enjoyed attempting to pull the sword from the stone, it obviously was never going to budge as they are not King Arthur


    1. Disneyland doesn’t have to be all princess and Mickey mouse. My boys particularly enjoyed spending time in the Studio Park as they got to meet Storm troopers as they paraded around the park looking for any rebels to pick out from the crowds. At certain times of the day you get to watch the First Order March and the A Galaxy Far, Far Away show
    1. Take along some fancy dress for your children to wear whilst they explore the parks, you never know you just might be picked out from the queue and taken to the front on a ride
  • There are many water fountains around the park so take along a water bottle for you to fill up. Drinks can be very expensive, about £3.50 per drink and £2.80 for a coffee.
  • The quieter times to attend the attraction and rides are between 8-10 in the morning, while the parade is on and after 7 at night. The park closes at 10 just as the fireworks and illuminations start.

  • And last of all relax and enjoy the experience. Enjoy your evenings in one of the many restaurants in Disney Village or have a drink and watch the buffallo Bill show.

  • My youngest is about 107cm tall and he managed to go on most of the rides apart from a few, unlike a few of the theme parks that we have visited in England where he got very frustrated and upset as he wasn’t tall enough to go on them. This just made our family experience a while lot better as we all went on the rides together. It was just India Jones, Rc Racer and Rock n Roller coaster. Space mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean wasn’t open.

    Rides I would reccomend are: Crush Coaster, ratatouille, Buzz light year, Autopia, Star tours, Thunder mountain, Terror towers and Rock n Roller coaster

    Thank you for reading, I hope this post has been helpful



    We had Chills At Pleasurewood Hills- Review

    At the beginning of the summer Daddy and I took the children to Pleasurewood Hills, a theme park in Lowestoft, Suffolk which is celebrating it’s 30 year anniversary this year.

    The park is a good 3hrs drive away from us in London but it was a nice smooth drive there and we don’t mind travelling for a day out to somewhere special like a theme park. The park was easy to find as we followed signs from Lowestoft City Centre to the park (not the sat nav as this wanted to take us in the back way, but their is another postcaode to follow which takes you directly there) and once we was in through the gates and directed by someone on to a field where we parked our car, their was ample space for parking and even better was unlike some other theme parks you don’t have to pay to park.

    As soon as we was in the park we made our way to the Kiddies rides so that the younger ones could have a bit of fun first, with a choice of 11 rides to experience they chose the Mini Pirate Ship and the Mini Twister to go on first.


    Daddy on the Mini Twister with Oliver
    Daddy on the Mini Twister with Oliver
    Jak with Joseph on the Mini Pirate Ship
    Jak with Joseph on the Mini Pirate Ship

    There was no queues for the children’s rides so they went on straight away, which is great for the young ones as they don’t understand why they have to wait around, after their ride finished they made their way over to the Wave breaker which is a family ride so there are height restrictions. There was queues on the Family rides but they weren’t long probably ranging from 10-15 minutes, Dad queued up with them thinking that he would go down with Joseph and Jak could go on his own but it was Two people to a boat so the boys went down on their own and he followed after with someone else sharing the boat. This was the first time Joseph had been on a big ride like that as he has always been under the height restriction which is 1m and he is 104cm, he said he was a bit scared at first because it was very high up but he loved it.




    Once off of the ride he had the bug and wanted to go on more big rides, we was off in search of some more thrill seeking rides for him to experience but we saw the Train going round so we ran for it, leaving the buggy behind at the station we jumped on and enjoyed the nice relaxing journey around the park, this way we got to see what rides the boys wanted to go on next. Jak spotted the Wipeout, dad took one look at his face and said ‘Come one then, get off the next stop!’  Daddy and Jak got off and the two younger ones and i stayed on to finish the journey, once the trip had finished we made our way over to the Wipeout hoping to catch Daddy and Jak on it but we just missed them as they had just got off as we turned up. We did get to see the photo that was taken on the ride, it was so funny as Dad’s face looked really scared. Jak said that he went really fast and you travelled backwards so you can’t see where your going. The ride twists and turns at 50mph, which is ideal for those seeking thrills, the height restriction on this ride is 1.3m.

    Photo taken from PWHills website

    It is a good idea to travel to theme parks with another adult if you have children of different ages as some of the rides Joseph couldn’t go on as he wasn’t tall enough and Jak wanted to go  on them, so you can take it in turns going on different rides to suit the children.

    There are 13 Family rides to go on, the Chairlift which takes you from one side of the park to the other high up in the sky, it gives you a good view of the park.


    Pwhills website

     Another family ride is The carousel which has been lovingly repainted by the local art schools is a nice family ride to relax and enjoy, Daddy gets a bit sick from going round and round so this was a bit too much for him and he had to get off. Oliver loved this ride and he had a horse to himself, which i held him on. He didn’t want to come off this ride and cried when it was over so it was a big hit with him


    At lunch time we went off in search of an area where we could sit down and enjoy our picnic, we found a bench near to the play area next to the Sea Lion show and Timber Falls,  It was nice and quiet and just tucked away from everything so we enjoyed our lunch without any distractions. It wasn’t long before the boys wanted to go off and explore the play area though.




    There are 7 Thrill rides in the park, the Timber Falls and Enigma are both rides that Joseph got to go on, the Timber Falls which is a 36ft drop into the water, this ride makes a big splash so be ready to get a soaking!

    About to get a soaking
    About to get a soaking

    We queued for a good half hour for the Enigma but it was definitely worth it, it was fast and thrilling and with 600m of twisted steel spinning in every direction you are bound to come off smiling, you do get thrown around all over the place and i have a few bruises on my back to prove it! Jak said this ride was exhilarating, by far the best ever! You scream and you shout, i’ve never heard such a noise come from Jak before lol.  It’s one of those rides that you just have to laugh when you get off and I’m quite sure i left my tummy behind on the first twist!


    The last ride of the day for Jak and I was the Hobs Pit, a new ride this year for Pleasurewood Hills, they have really hit the spot with this one! The ride is one of the scariest in the country, be prepared to come face to face with a trapped miner who has been possessed by the devil, as you travel through an abandoned mine by foot and on a cart you will experience stunning visual effects and with up to 10 live actors. The live actors really make the ride and get you into the spirit of it, they never come out of character, we was in the queue for about an hour but they made it seem much less! We heard screams from inside and one of the actresses kept coming to the entrance and looking round the corner all shy looking and sheepish. The ride is scary and terrifying, i could feel my tummy doing flips not because of the thrill but because of being unaware of what i was walking into, it was dark and just don’t know who is in there with you. The story behind the Ride is that it is based on an old abandoned mine shaft and unexplained phenomena that were discovered during excavations at the park. The ride tells the tale of a grim tale of cannibalism and murder among the trapped minors, will you be able to escape the PIT?



    They also explained that this is not a ride for the faint hearted! So much so that they have made it a 12A and younger guests must be 1.5m and a disclaimer must be signed by an adult

    It was brilliant and had my legs feeling like jelly lol, there are a few surprises inside but i shan’t tell as i will spoil it for you, but it’s definitely worth a visit just for the thrill of this ride.

    We really enjoyed our day at The Theme Park and would recommend it to other families, it’s not the size of other parks and it doesn’t have as many rides but there is something for everyone! I liked the feel of the park, it felt homely and as it wasn’t on big scale we could walk around it comfortably without getting tires out too much! Not only is there rides to experience but also other attractions such as the Illusion show by Sean Alexander and Parrot and Sea lion shows to watch. There are plenty of places to eat and drink spotted around the park although we took our own picnic so didn’t use them.

    For thrills and chills a visit to Pleasurewood hills is a must for the family!

    Online Prices: £18 per adult, £15 per child or for a family of 5 it’s £80 A bit on the expensive side but in comparison to other parks its a lot cheaper. If you pay at the entrance at the park you will pay an extra £1 per person.

    The park also caters for birthday parties, groups and school visits.

    We was sent family tickets in return for a review, no cash payment has been received.



    New Magma Ride at Paultons Park and Peppa Pig World

    Courtesy of MummyConstant a lovely mummy blogger and JellyFingers, an online members only savings club where members get access to fantastic discounts on everything from pregnancy through to children starting school, we were extremely lucky to be invited along to the press preview day at Paultons family Theme Park and home to the amazing world of Peppa Pig. Paultons were showing the press and VIP their brand new hot ride called MAGMA.

    After 2 hours of travelling down to Hampshire we arrived to some refreshments and a chocolate cup cake in the shape of an erupting volcano, which was very much-needed and tasted yummy. Magma officially opens up to the public at Easter 2012. My eldest Jak who is 9 years old couldn’t wait to try it out, so myself and Jak entered the cavern to the unknown, there was lots of smoke and dinosaur sound effects to get you in the mood. We joined the queue for the ride inside the volcano, once it was our turn we took to our seats and waited for the bar to come down. Strapped down and secure we was ready to be shot up 25 metres into the air through the opening of the volcano out to the open sky, we was the magma erupting out of the volcano. Just as we was going up smoke got blasted out into our faces, i closed my eyes then when i opened them we was up in the air, spinning around and plunging back down to the mountain below, we had a great view of the park from way up high. We waved down at Daddy and the younger boys and we couldn’t stop laughing and giggling. The ride was brilliant, i couldn’t keep Jak off of it, he kept going back for me. The height restriction for the ride is a minimum of 1.1m. I would advice anyone who is visiting the theme Park to check the height restrictions on all the rides prior to arriving.

    Magma being shot up into the air

    Once we had finished on the Magma off we went in search of Peppa Pig World, on our way through the park we couldn’t help but notice how clean and picturesque it was. The grass was cut neatly and there was plenty of benches to sit down and rest on, pretty gardens to walk around and many places to sit down and enjoy a spot to eat. The staff was all very friendly and there are plenty of different rides to experience. Dotted around the park are small little character sit-on rides available for the little ones that are at no extra charge.

    We passed the Water Kingdom and as the day was quite hot we let the boys cool off in the water shoots, lucky i packed some spare shorts for them. Next to the water splash park there is Food & Drink available also you will find Percy’s Playhouse and Play Park. I took this opportunity to feed the baby as there was a seating area covered with umbrellas, so was sitting in the shade shielded from the sun.

    As we were entering Peppa Pig World i noticed little Joseph face was beaming, he couldn’t believe his eyes, he just kept saying ‘WOW’ and ‘is it real mummy, are we really in Peppa’s world’. It was hard to hold him back with all the excitement he kept rushing off ahead just running from one attraction to the next, with 7 fun rides and many attractions to see in knew that we would be kept very busy. The Windy castle, Miss Rabbit’s Helicopter Flight, Peppa’s Big Balloon Ride, Grandpa Pig’s Boat Trip, Daddy Pig’s Car Ride, Grandpa Pig’s Little Train and George’s Dinosaur Adventure.

    The sign above your head to show you are entering every child’s dream

    First stop was Peppa Pig’s House this is one of enchanted buildings to enter, inside the house you can see Peppa, George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig having Pancakes for breakfast. There is also Madame Gazelles School House, the Magnificent Campervan sitting on top of a hill, Watch the paddling ducks swimming in the pond while your there throw some of your change into it as all off the money goes to the charity Tommy’s where there funding helps to research and provides information on the causes and prevention of miscarriage, premature birth and stillbirth.

    We took a ride on Grandpa Pigs Little train and we all joined in with the song that was playing ‘The piggies on the train go oink oink oink’ The baby loved this and was bouncing up and down in my arms,we all waved to Grandpa as he went by and when we got on the train the baby just kept kicking out his legs with excitement.

    20120328-165102.jpgThe whole time we was walking around peppa pig world the theme song to the cartoon show was playing, the children took pleasure in joining in with it and it just made the day even more enjoyable.

    At certain times of the day Peppa and George make an appearance on the stage at the side of Madame Gazelles School, they wave to the children and shake their hands, don’t worry if its busy as they are around for quite a while so your children will definitely get a close look at them and if they are really luck like my son Joseph was they may even get a little cuddle with them too.

    Peppa’s world has many play areas for the little ones too, they can Jump in Muddy Puddles in the water splash area, climb the moonwalk ramp in George’s Spaceship Indoor Playzone, or follow the rainbow road in Mr Potato’s playground and you can also pick up some yummy ice-cream from Miss Rabbits ice-cream parlour, which we did as the day was quite hot and we needed cooling down, I noticed that all of the items were reasonably priced. Once we bought our ice lollies we went for a walk to the see the Mearkats and the big tortoise, which was just outside of Peppas World.

    There is plenty to see and do at Paultons park not only do you have the exhilarating rides to test out for the children and adults but there are beautiful landscaped gardens to walk round, Birds and Animals to look at and take in the tranquil area of the horseshoe-shaped lake where you can do a bit of wild life watching.


    Many of the rides at Paultons have a photo opportunity where you get the chance to buy a souvenir of your time on the ride. My son Jak thought it would be funny to pull faces and pretend to be asleep on the rides that said ‘Smile for the camera’, which is probably why we didn’t buy any!

    Prices start from £21.00 or for a family of four £80.00 please note that these are prices that you pay in advance via their website if you pay on the day it will be more money. Children under 1 Metre enter for free of charge. Find out more about prices and opening times here

    Paulton’s Park is a definite must for all families, it makes a brilliant day out and you will all definitely enjoy yourself, even daddy had lots of fun. Our children are aged 9 and 4 years old and we have a baby who is 8 months, there is something for every age group, they enjoyed every part of the park and didn’t get bored once. We will definitely be returning again at some point of the year. Visiting Peppa Pig’s World would be a truly magical experience for all children.

    Jellyfingers are running a competition at the moment where you can enter to win family ticket to Paulton’s Park, you can enter here, Hurry up as the competition ends on the 31st March.