Thats My Hero! new TV advert is all about Alan who jets off into space and becomes his sons hero, Tots 100 and have teamed up together to find out who our child’s or grandchild’s hero’s are. Who do they aspire to, it could be a superhero with extraordinary powers or a celebrity that they look up to whoever it is all they have to do is to draw a picture of their hero and explain why they love them so much.

Jak my eldest who is 10 years old loves to draw and couldn’t wait to put pencil to paper to enter this fabulous competition, I was quite surprised with who he chose as I really thought that he would say that I was his hero lol but no my son has chosen another women, this women is a remarkable lady who has brought imagination and creativity to just about every child.

20130128-153053.jpg 20130128-153108.jpgJak says ” My Hero is someone who has entertained me through thick and thin. My hero has served millions of eager readers. My hero has an imagination as magical as a unicorns universe. My Hero is the amazing author J.K Rowling!”

“Most of my writing is fiction and I try to think of her writing to inspire me at school, when reading her Harry Potter books I am always filled with wonder and delight and can never put the book down. I like her imagination and her creative skills and one day I hope to be like her”

Who is your Hero?

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