Tearless Teething Review

Teething can be such a hard time for babies, generally they can sprout there first tooth between 4 – 7 months, although it is known for a baby to cut their first tooth at 3 months and also as late as 12 months. Babies can experience discomfort as the little buds are pushing against their gums ready for the teeth to emerge.

Common Symptoms of a teething baby are:

Sensitive Gums

Dribbling, leading to a facial rash normally on the chin and cheeks

Sleep Problems


Refusing food

Biting / Gnawing on objects

Whilst visiting the baby a couple of weeks ago, I met a lovely lady who owns Tearless Teething, they sell jewellery made from Hazelwood, She was very passionate about her product and insisted that with its natural benefits the necklace would cure the symptoms of teething, the Hazelwood can also ease skin irritations such as eczema and be helpful in the general well-being of the digestive system. Well Oliver just wasn’t himself that on the day of the baby show due to his teething, we had a few previous bad night sleeps where he would cry and only be settled when i picked him and cuddled him, I was forever rubbing Calgel onto his gums. He had flushed cheeks and was pretty grumpy, well anyway this lady (wish i could tell you her name but for the life of me i can not remember-sorry) placed the necklace on him and told me i would pretty much notice a difference in him almost immediately.

Blue and Powder Blue Necklace 11"
Blue and Powder Blue Necklace 11"

Hazelwood was used originally by the Native Americans as a medicine for teething after they discovered that when they placed Hazelwood chips around their babies necks it would soothe the teething pains by levelling out the acidity imbalance in the body. The wood is 100% natural and organic.

The necklace looks real cute on, looks just like an accessory. I have had many people comment on it and asked me all about it. It does not seem to bother Oliver as he has not pulled at it in fact i don’t even think he knows it’s there so there is obviously no discomfort. The string used for the necklace is made from a metal thread covered in soft nylon and has a child safety clasp, which has been put through several tests and to put my mind at ease, if the necklace does get caught then the clasp will open releasing the necklace so it will not hurt my baby. On the night of the baby show, Oliver did sleep through with no waking up crying, he no longer has flushed cheeks and hasn’t once had a temperature, Coincidence! I don’t know, but what i do know is that the eczema he has on both of his legs has improved and almost cleared up. Since wearing the Hazelwood i have not used any cream on it so i am pretty much in agreement with their statement that it helps clear up skin irritations. The life span of the necklace will generally be for 2-3 months and then it will need to be replaced, you will know when it needs to be replaced as the wood bead will darken and the teething symptoms will come back. We have not taken Oliver’s necklace off of him, it is left on at all times even in the bath in order for him to get the full benefits of the hazelwood. Thank you Tearless Teething for introducing us this to this marvellous product. 🙂

These teething necklaces come in different colours we have the powder blue one but you can also get a pink one and they als do them with amber too. The starting price is £15.99 depending on the size and age you buy.

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