10 things I’ve Learned Living with a Teenager

I’ve been living with a teenager for 7 months now, since my son turned 13 last September I’ve learnt a few things about living with him. I’m not saying he’s an animal or anything like that but he has changed, he has become stroppier and lazier.

Here are a few things that I have learnt so far and I am sure that there will be plenty more to come.

  1. He has suddenly grown in height ways. Yes, I know we all grow but he has shot up immensely. He always had a slow growth and I could get away with buying him clothes that were often a year group below his age. He has literally grown a whole foot in 6 months. Looking back at photos taken over the year, I can see the big change.
  2. He has begun to roll his eyes a lot and has started to make these weird grunting noises. They are kind of noises that a dog would make and he always scowls when doing them. His younger siblings think that it is hilarious and often mimic him.
  3. Wardrobes no longer exist. Clothes are strewn across the bedroom floor or laid across the bottom of the bed. When I ask him to put his clothes away, he swings his arms around grabbing the odd material as he does and pushes them onto the nearest shelf. Throwing clothes into a space in the cupboard in my eyes is not putting them away. Folding them or hanging them is.
  4. Spots. They have come from nowhere. My bathroom cabinet used to be full of Matey bubble bath and lush bombs, now it has been over taken with spot cream and facial washes. In fact it got quite bad that we had to make an appointment with the doctor to get some stronger cream. I am happy to point out though that it has cleared up lovely. His skin is now clear and glowing, but not from grease.
  5. Girls. OMG. How many girlfriends does one boy want.
  6. Let me take a selfie. He takes selfies all the time and is forever sharing them over snap chat or twitter. I’m scared to leave my phone out as the album quickly becomes filled up with selfies.
  7. Online gaming. This boy can literally sit alone in his bedroom, light out, all day playing on his playstation (if allowed that is!) When he’s not on his PS4 he has his phone stuck in his hands constantly playing games or texting friends.
  8. Bulking up. As he is now aware of girls, my son seems to think that he will get more attention from them if he has muscles. I catch him using the weights in the bedroom or using the pull up bar in the garden. After a stern talk to him he has realised that he doesn’t need muscles to be popular and is now enjoying keeping fit by running, swimming and parkour.
  9. Not too interested in family time anymore. Anywhere we go he is always 5 step behind, pretending not to be with his parents and siblings. Everything is embarrassing. It’s hard to get him to sit and watch TV with us anymore.
  10. Clothes have to be a name, high street is longer acceptable. He now wants to wear high branded clothes, clothes that cost a small fortune. Oh and he isn’t too keen on wearing a coat anymore either. Coats are for wimps, don’t you know?

I know teenagers go through a lot of changes, the process of becoming an adult. They are just as confused with their behaviour as we are.

There is a light at the end of the teenage tunnel. He has just come in to the living room and said ‘Hi’ and smiled 🙂