Wakeboarding Experience

Last week whilst we was holidaying at Tattershall Lakes in Lincolnshire the boys experienced life on the lakes by trying out a bit of wake boarding.

Wakeboarding has been developed from combining a selection of techniques from water skiing, snowboarding and surfing, it involves riding a wakeboard which looks pretty much like a cross between surfboard and skateboard with shoes attached over the water. The rider is usually towed behind a motorboat but on the lakes they also use a cable system.

A short walk from where our caravan was, walking past three other lakes, there was the Wake Lake where Jak and Joseph both had 30 minutes each out on the wakeboard on the lake. first they were kitted out with a wetsuit that was in their size then they made there way to the jetty where the cable was, here they were both given a helmet and buoyancy jacket to put on. Jak went first to show Joseph what to do, he was given a wakeboard where he had to place his feet into the shoes that was attached to it and then given some points on how to get started once in the water. They were told to hold onto the bar, that was attached to the cable above, with straight arms, they were to keep there arms straight at all times. They were told to bend their knees and bring their bottoms towards their heels, once moving in the water they were told to slightly straighten out their legs and bring the handle to the left handside which will then move the wakeboard from a horizontal position to a vertical one.


All kitted up
All kitted up


About to give it a go
About to give it a go
In the water
In the water


Josephs turn
Position how you start
Starting Position
He's Wakeboarding
He’s Wakeboarding


Once you have mastered the basics then there are lots of tricks and jumps you can do but the boys aren’t quite there yet!

Jak managed to get all the way to the back of the lake in one hit without falling into the water, he looked like a little pro! He shouted out ‘Happy Birthday’ really loudly out in the middle of the lake (as it was his birthday)

Joseph found it hard to turn the wakeboard so he kept it infront of him in a horizontal position, he found the lake quite cold bless him and he wanted to get out before his session was up but that didn’t stop him from enjoying himself and wanting to go back the next day to give it a go again.

The boys loved their wakeboarding experience, jak said it was awesome and really wants to do it again. I was told by the instructor at the lakes that they do wakeboarding at Victoria dock in London Docklands which isn’t far from us so maybe he will get his wish 🙂