SuperBaby Oliver

What’s that I can hear???

“Help! Help!”

Someone’s in trouble!!!

SuperBaby to the rescue!!!!


If you’re ever in trouble just call for SuperBaby and he’ll be there in a flash!
No table Mountain he can’t climb!
No bath Ocean he can’t swim!
No brother Man he can’t fight!
No path Road long enough he can’t travel on!

This Baby is super strong with powers beyond any man could ever have, he can drink a 7oz bottle in 5 minutes, mess up a room in the matter of seconds that any adult has just spent hours tidying, his smile can break hearts and his cuddles make you go weak at the knees. He can stay awake all night long without the need for a caffeine fix, his scream can shatter glass and his giggles can have you in fits.
Be warned though Chocolate can make him super hyper!

Who is this boy? What name does he go by?

He’s Oliver! My super little hero!