Cool Summer Lemon Slush Recipe

This slush is just perfect for hot summer days, it will keep you cool and refreshed and help you beat the heat.

We have been very lucky lately with the weather and have even had a good couple of weeks where the temperature has hit above 25c. Keeping cool, without constantly standing in front of a fan isn’t easy. I promise that this slush will keep you hydrated but also cool you down.

It is quick and simple to make, which makes it an ideal drink to make with the children.


Half a lemon

A few sprigs of fresh mint

Handful of ice cubes

Coconut Water

This amount would make enough for one person just double up the ingredients if you want to make more


Place everything into a blender, leaving the coconut water til last. Add in enough to cover over the ice and blitz away. I kept some of the rind on the lemon as this gave it that extra bitter taste.

Now all you need to do is relax on the sun lounger with your cool summer slush in one hand, sun glasses on and a good book in the other.

NB: You could add in some gin or vodka for an adult slush



Homemade 83% less sugar Jim Jams Hazelnut Chocolate Ice-Cream recipe

Summer is here and we are all looking for a way to cool down in this scorching, lovely weather we have been having.

Home made ice cream is simple to make – incredibly delicious and makes you rethink about buying shop bought ice-cream again.

It’s that simple that even the children can join in with making it. There is no need for a machine – no churning – just simple mixing with a spoon will do



  • 1 tin of coconut milk
  • 1 tub of double cream
  • 4 heaped tbsp of Jim Jam Chocolate spread
  • A handful of chopped hazelnuts


Combine the cream and milk in a bowl until smooth

Combine the Jim Jam spread in the mixture with a mixer until smooth

Add in the chopped hazelnuts (for that extra chocolate flavour, swirl in some of the spread into the creamy mixture)

Transfer to a freezer safe container

After 2 hours, take it out of the freezer and mix together

Once frozen (about 4 hours) Take out of the freezer and leave in the room to melt for about 5 minutes.

Now you are ready to serve up


This ice-cream is so smooth and delicious! A little bit of naughtiness but in a guilt free way

Why did I use Jim Jams Spread?

Jim Jams spreads are made up with 83% less sugar – thus meaning it is a healthier choice to feed the family. Instead of using refined sugar they use Maltitol, an artificial sweetener.  It is used to replace table sugar because it is half as caloric, does not promote tooth decay, and has a somewhat lesser effect on blood glucose. Not only is it less sugar but also, gluten-free, suitable for vegetarians and diabetics.

The hazelnut spread gives the ice-cream a rich, full-bodied taste. It is creamy and indulgent.

As a family we have dramatically cut down on our sugar intake; not just because of my illness but for the sake of our health and the children’s teeth. Since cutting down, we can see a difference in the children’s behaviour, they are less fatigued and have lots more energy throughout the day. We have noticed that our skin is much more healthier, we feel less full and that our hair doesn’t become greasy as quickly previously before the change of diet.

Jim Jams Hazelnut Chocolate spread can be found in most major supermarkets.

We was sent a jar of Jim Jam spread for the purpose of this review




My 2017 To Do List

I am not calling it a bucket list, as I do not want to tick things off of a list prior to kicking the bucket. This is a list of things that I hope to achieve during the year of 2017. Last year I was diagnosed with an illness that has me realise that you need to live for the day. Do what you want and don’t let others stop you from enjoying life.

There are many things that I have not done in the past due to being worried what I would look like or what would others think. I may sound like a cat having a fight when i sing but this year I plan on letting other shear my beautiful voice and not give a damn on what they think or say behind my back

This year I plan on being a year for firsts. I plan on enjoying myself and gaining more confidence daily.

bucket list-1

Top of my list is to Kick Cancers Ass! I will keep fighting for as long as i breathe for the sake of my boys. It’s important to keep my immune system strong and to live a healthy lifestyle. That’s where taking up jogging and entering races comes into it. I want to think about my fitness as well as eating well.

The holidays abroad and to the UK are already booked. We have a holiday to Malta, that we stay in my brothers apartment and the holiday in the UK is to a Haven site that we like to go to. It’s down on the south coast, near to Hastings, called Combe Haven. The children love this site and the location is beautiful.

I am not very good when it comes to entering the sea. It’s the fish swimming around my body and touching me that freaks me out. The thought of even putting a toe in the sea where there is fish swimming makes me cringe. I just don’t like the feel of it. So I would like to overcome my fear and swim with my boys this summer in the sea and try to forget that there are little slimy critters that will swim by. I also would like to join in on the boys fun and jump into the sea from the rocks in Malta. My boys love doing this and Malta has many beautiful places that offer people the chance to do so.

I have no confidence what so ever when it comes to driving the car, so I aim to spend more time behind the wheel and less time on my feet and riding public transport.

By camping I mean in a tent and not glamping that we did last year. Even if it means putting a tent up in the garden and sleeping under the stars there, then that is what we will do. We can light a fire out there and toast some nice big marshmallows for our evening treat.

I enjoy cycling and love my bicycle. It’s a folding bike so handy for me to get on the tube into London. I’ve never entered a cycling race before and it’s something that I have thought a lot of since the summer. I don’t think I could manage a long distance race but I do rather fancy a the London to southend one. Although that is quite far.

This year will hopefully see us move home to a bigger house. We have sold and bought a new home bit just awaiting all the paperwork to got through. I am looking forward to keeping it minimal and uncluttered, unlike our home is now. If all runs smoothly we shall have 4 bedrooms, a bedroom each for the boys and a bigger garden. We have so many plans for the new home, including building a conservatory, a porch and removing the current garage and replacing it with a new brick building for the boys to have as a playroom. 

What will this year bring you?

So you have a ‘to do list’? 

Thank you for reading. Pop a comment below and say hi 🙂




Hello Sunshine

Could it be true? Could it possibly be summer?

Yesterday the sun shone, the chill in the air seems to have packed up and gone on holiday. The clouds disappeared leaving clear blue skies and enabled the sun rays to shine down on us.


I may be acting too quickly, but I’ve packed up the gloves, scarves and wooly hats into a bag and placed them into the back of the cupboard. Winter coats have been replaced with lighter spring coats and the shorts and t-shirts are back in the wardrobes.

I’m hoping that we can say goodbye to layering up in our clothes to keep warm and hello to light cotton layers.

On cold days, mornings are the worse in this household. It can take us up to 15 minutes gathering together our scarves and gloves before we leave the house.

Now that the sun has made an appearance for two consecutive days, I am beginning to look forward to long summer days and cool evenings. I am hoping to spend more days after work out with the boys at the local park and weekends on day trips out or lazy days in the garden.

I’m looking forward to

  • Eating ice-cream outside and eating it quickly before it melts all over
  • Visiting the beach and running along the sand, feeling the water the cold water run over my toes
  • Going on hikes across the countryside and finding some more geocaches to add to our finds
  • Evening trips into London, the City. Walking along the Southbank or drinking tea in Covent Garden
  • Exploring the woods and eating a picnic in the middle of the trees
  • Going on our summer holiday to Malta. Can’t wait for some family time
  • Running along the grass in a country park with no socks or shoes on
  • Finding some lavender in a Forest and breathing in the wonderful smell that surrounds us
  • Eating Al Fresco in the garden
  • BBQ’s
  • Camping out in the garden or at a camp site
  • Glamping
  • Finding a stream to walk across. Have poo stick races
  • Hiking up Mount Snowdon. This is something we haven’t done a while because we have been waiting until our youngest was old enough to attempt the walk. The views are stunning and is one of my favourite places to go
  • Filling the house with flowers, bringing the outside indoors
  • Watching the boys play outside in the garden in the early evenings.
  • Go fruit picking at an orchard
  • Make fruit jam
  • Swim in the sea
  • Build a sand castle and decorate it with shells and pebbles
  • Roast marshmallows over a fire
  • Drink prosecco in the afternoon sun
  • Wear summer dresses (throw away the tights)

Sunshine makes everyone smile, everyone needs a bit of sun in their life. It makes us feel more alive and fresh. The need to get and go wherever takes your fancy. Yes, all of the above can be done in the autumn or winter months but they feel all the more enjoyable when the sun shines.

What are you looking forward to?


A Garden In Progress

Our garden has been in need of a good clean up for a long time but due to having three young children and holding down jobs, it was finding the time to do the huge task of tidying it up and actually making it back into a garden again but this time a fun and esciting garden that the boys would enjoy being in.

The jobs that needed to be done were colossal which was what probably out us off in the first place

  • The back of the garden Ivy had grown so much that it had attacked what was left of the fence and grew very high, it had actually taken up a good 2ft of our garden
  • New fence panels needed to be fitted at the back and also at the side of the garden
  • The shed at the back of the garden needed to be removed and replaced with possibly a bigger one that would also replace the smaller shed at the front of the garden
  • Trees needed to be cut down
  • Grass mowed and edges cut back
  • Concrete that gathered behind the shed needed to be removed
  • Garden needed to be leveled

My idea of a garden isn’t a flowery one but just one that the children can enjoy and have fun in but one that i could relax in too. I’m not very green fingered and find it hard to make the time to keep it pristine, so the less maintenance the better!

After much discussion with the other half we decided to buy the boys a play area, I had been on at Paul to buy them a play house but on a recent trip into Costco we found the perfect play area for them. It has 2 swings, a slide, a fort, a climbing wall, a house, a sandpit and a gymnastic bar, we took down the measurements and once at home we got the measuring tape out and took down some figures. It would just about fit in but we had the swimming pool up for the summer and that takes pretty much up our whole garden. We decided to go with it and just hope that our measurements were right. We thought that the ideal place would be at the bottom of the garden

The whole family have mucked in to clear up the garden including the little one who loved helping Daddy move all of the concrete and stones to the wheel barrow, he is a right grafter that one. We have worked until daylight has disappeared, we have made umpteen trips from the front of the house to the back with a wheelbarrow full of woodchip and we have all worked together to create a garden of fun!


It has taken us over a week to get where we are and there is still so much to do, daddy didn’t buy enough fence panels and wood chip for the ground, so we need to sort that out, the ground still isn’t quite level but there isn’t much you can do when you have a whacking great big pool in it and the play area still has the odd decoration to be added to it.

I sat back and watched the boys play on the play area this evening, there little faces lit up with excitement, they was having so much fun playing together, laughing and enjoying themselves, my eyes welled up seeing such a sight.