Trendy Tuesday : Lilly and Sid

I recently found a brilliant new online shop called Lilly and Sid on twitter, they offer cute, fun and quirky clothes from newborn to 7-8 years old. Lilly and Sid’s Seasonal girls, boys and unisex baby clothing collection is the perfect choice covering all the seasonal key trends.

I bought Oliver a Dino spike baby boys hooded jacket which oozes comfort with its brushed back jersey fabric. The material is soft and comfortable, the elbows have striped patches on them and the cuffs and hem are elasticated. The hood has gorgeous little spikes on it and the back of the jacket has the initials L & S motifed on. I fell in love with it once on Oliver, he is so cuddly in it and looks so trendy! The jacket costs £24 and so worth the money.



Along with the hooded jacket Oliver received a lovely surprise gift from Lilly & Sid! A gorgeous two piece short set! A totally wonderful and very nice thing to do and totally unexpected!



The baby boy shorts are red with funky blue stars on them and the t-shirt has a cute little octopus on it. I think Oliver looks so adorable in it especially pieced together with the Dino hooded jacket. I have one very fashionable little boy! The quality of both items are of a very high standard.

I would recommend that you go and have a look at some of the gorgeous trendy children’s clothes that Lilly and Sid have on their website

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Trendy Tuesday Cuteness Alert


This post contains über stylish cuteness!

The boys have been pestering me for some new hats, not that they don’t have enough already! I could open up a hat shop with the amount that they have between them. Oliver probably has one for every month he has been born and he is 19 months old.

It’s not easy customising boys clothes as it is for girls, there are so many pretty things out there for girls but when it comes to boys clothes and accesories you are limited to what you can buy which is probably why i started buying hats for them, a hat can change the whole look of an outfit.

I love H&M for buying the boys clothes from but they also sell brilliant hats and everytime we are out shopping the boys always want to pop into the store to buy one, yesterday whilst passing the shop the boys asked if they could look at the hats, so we popped in for a ganders.

Joseph found a gorgeous grey trilby hat with pictures of cars on it and I fell in love with a checked shirt that come with a dickie-bow.



See, I told you it was cute!

He couldn’t wait to get home to try on his new clothes, literally, so he dragged me into the nearest toilet do he could get changed.

What do you think of his new outfit?


Trendy Toddler Tuesday TeamGB

I missed posting out my trendy toddler last week due to being on holiday, but we’re back now tired, exhausted and in the need for another week away to recoup after this one. I have many gorgeous pictures of the boys in some super stylish clobber but for this week I wanted to share with you all Oliver’s official TeamGB romper suit that I bought from Asda. It is slightly in the huge side for him and I did buy him a 6-9 month old but I think Oliver is small for his age, so although it bagged and gathered at the feet it didn’t effect him from running around in it and getting up to mischief. He did have a few miner slip ups on the dance floor but like chumba wumba said he gets knocked but he gets up again nothing is going to keep him down.
Now that Oliver walks every where I found it a struggle to get a decent photograph of him as he just doesn’t stand still so I apologise for the blurriness of the picture.


He wore this suit for the olympics opening night in the club house on the holiday site that we staying at, this was the only night that we stayed out beyond 10 o clock lol.
He loved walking around and getting all the cuddles from the girls and the aaaaws from the ladies he just looked at everyone and beamed his cutest smile.
I love it when Oliver is wearing White, although he is fair skinned and re
Ally blonde the colour suits him and really shows off his gorgeous bright big blue eyes, also I like as he is my last baby I like to put him in romper suits as they make him still look like a little baby and not too grown up. I think he is very cute and very Olympic stylish.

The sleepsuit cost me £8