Munch Bunch Jelly Delight Review

Do your children like yoghurt AND jelly?

Well the team over at Munch Bunch have developed a new recipe which will tantilise your child’s taste buds and help them experience new textures in their mouth.

Munch Bunch Jelly Delight is a New delicious Fromage Frais yoghurt topped with a strawberry jelly made with real fruit juice. Each pot is 85g and comes in a pack of 4. The yoghurt lays at the bottom of the pot and is then topped with a layer of jelly, Your child will have fun eating one layer after the other or they can mix both layers together.
Jelly Delight is a source of calcium and essential proteins, which children need for growth.

We was sent 2 packs of strawberry Jelly Delight to taste, the boys couldn’t wait to get stuck in and as I imagined they didn’t last long, as soon as they were placed on to the shelf in the fridge they were gone again!




I surprised the boys by putting them in their pack lunch box and they were full of questions and positive comments about them when I picked them up from school “what was that yummy yoghurt thing you put in my pack lunch today mummy, it was so nice! I want more!” said Joseph my 5 year old. They are the perfect size to fit into any lunch box and for little hands to hold. The pots are¬†full of flavour, the yoghurt is nice and thick and the jelly wasn’t watery! Jak my eldest says that the jelly was really nice and not rubbery and he loved that the jelly didn’t crumble to pieces into his yoghurt when he spooned out some to eat.


One pot contains 100ml of milk and makes it a perfect snack for your growing kids.

Myself and the boys were very impressed with the flavour of these pots and will definitely be buying them again.

We was sent some pots for the purpose of this review