Easter Egg Hunt, Camping Out, Movie Night and Dog Walking in Week 4 of lockdown – Ordinary Moments

So how is everyone coping so far? We received the news two days a go that we will be in social distancing for another 3 weeks, that’s 3 more weeks of attempting home learning and battling to pick up the groceries from the supermarket.

I missed last weeks update as I didn’t really have anything to share with you all, it was pretty much the same as the previous week.

Daily Exercise

We’ve been making sure that we have been getting out for a daily exercise, we’re pretty lucky that we have the dog to walk as it gives me reason to get up and go out for a lovely long walk. We have a decent size country park about 10 minutes walk from our house, which has been our saviour for the past month. The boys have still been going out for their daily run, they need to keep up their stamina as they compete at quite a high level. Even though all of their races have been cancelled or postponed they need to keep with their training the best they can in order for them to compete at the same level when the races are back on.

With the lovely weather we have been having lately, the garden has been a blessing. The boys have been out there every day, playing football, badminton, table tennis and even a beep test.

Easter Egg Hunt

On Easter Sunday I set up a trail of clues for the boys to solve and follow to the next clue, along the way they found little eggs and sweets with the very last clue leading them to their Chocolate Easter egg. They worked together to solve the riddles, it was lovely to see all three of them enjoying themselves.

The Big Camp Out

As the Easter Holidays were cancelled due to social distancing and we wasn’t able to go to Wales as planned I asked the boys if they wanted to set up camp in the garden. We had a particular warm evening last week so we put up the tent and the boys camped out all night. I didn’t think they would last a few hours but they managed to stay outside all night long. They were well equipped with lots of bedding and a few snacks to see them through.

They was hoping the dog would join them but she decided that she would be much more comfortable in her bed in the dining room.

Movie Night

Cinemas may be closed but that doesn’t mean we can’t watch a movie at home

Light adjusted, blinds closed and popcorn ready the living room was all ready for Movie night. I had printed out a movie ticket, one that I had found online and gave them to the boys all they had to do was choose a movie that they all wanted to watch.

The boys drew their own design onto a brown paper bag that I used to fill up with popcorn.

I loved seeing their little faces light up with smiles as they handed over their tickets and took a seat in the living room. The chose to watch Moana. I shall be keeping the tickets for next time, wonder what film they decide to watch this time?

Time at the moment may be hard for us but we needn’t look at it as a negative, we just need to see that we have been given this time to appreciate each other a little more. I for one, love that when the children ask me if we can do something I don’t answer with ‘Maybe later’ or ‘I don’t have the time’ I am enjoying spending time with them doing things that I am always thinking of doing but never do because of work and lack of time. We’re going out for walks together, camping, baking, painting, making dens, playing games, dancing and talking alot more.

Next week we’re back to home learning and I am hoping that the youngest will adapt a little better than he did before the Easter break. If not, I won’t push him I will just do it along with him. I will show him that together we can do this.

The Ordinary Moments