A perfect weekend in London, Top 5 places to visit

Living so close to the big City has its advantages. We are just a 35 minute tube ride away from entering the City of London and as a family we it is our prefered place to visit for a day out. There is so much to do and see, that every time we visit there is always something new that we haven’t seen before. There is something quite special about London at night-time and we often take a car journey through London just to drive over the Bridges and see the City lit up. The best bridge is Tower bridge as you get to see the Tower of London all lit up and look down the Thames towards the City.

Our top five places to visit in London are:

  • 1.  Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. This place is huge! We have taken our bikes before and cycled around the whole park, It was so nice to cycle through the park on the big wide cycle lanes safely. Summer time is the best time to visit the park as you can cool down your aching, tired feet (from all of the walking) in the Diana Memorial Fountain or you can take a dip in the Serpentine Lido. Keep your eyes peeled for all of the statues spotted around the park. As you walk over the W Carriage Drive into Kensington Gardens, you will be taken back to 1902 and get to meet Peter Pan. The statue is situated along side The Long Water. Once you have met Peter Pan the children can then use their own imagination and creative play in Diana Memorial Playground. The playground was inspired by the stories of Peter Pan to encourage children to explore and follow their imagination. More about our days out here

diana playground


  • 2. The National Army Museum. Situated in Chelsea, a 12 minute walk away from Sloane Square station, along Royal Hospital Road. Here you will find a museum that museum that moves, inspires, challenges, educates and entertains. This museum is a favourite of my boys, not only do they get to learn about the story of the British Army and its role in history but a kids zone where children explore aspects of army life from camping to clothing. It includes a dedicated soft-play space for babies, plus arts and crafts, dressing-up costumes, books, interactive toys and a castle fortress.
Photo from littlebird
Photo from littlebird



  • 3. The Emirates Airline Cable Car. Catch the cable from Emirates Royal Dock or Emirates Greenwich. We took a ride in it from the Docklands side, it was easy to get to from the Royal Victoria station on the Docklands line. Travel across the River Thames in a glass globe and see London from a different perspective with beautiful views and sights below. To add to the breath-taking views there is also an on-board tour as part of the Discovery experience. The audio and visual tour takes you through a series of fascinating hidden stories about the sights of East London. On board, as you travel 90m up above the river, you get to see London’s most famous sights including the 02, Thames Barrier and Royal Docks. A single journey can take up to 10 minutes.


  • 4. Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Made famous for the legacy of the Olympics 2012, The olympic park is now open to visitors to explore and enjoy. In the south of the park you will find a climbing wall, adjacent to the Arena and a little play area

olympic park

olympic park 12

In the North of the park is Tumbling Bay Playground that features rock pools, sand pits, tall tree houses, and wobbly bridges, as well as slides, swings and plenty of space to run about. It’s like a little magical, mythical, fantasy world where children can play in a natural environment and be creative with their thoughts and imagination. Read about our day out here

Next door to the Tumbling Playground is the Lee Valley Velo Park where you get to recreate the olympics by trying out the track indoors and outdoors. My boys loved trying out the BMX track.

IMG_2641_opt IMG_2631_opt


  • 5. ST Katherine’s Dock. Live the marina life in London, just a short walk from The Tower of London, you will be amazed at how beautiful this place is. ST Katherine’s Dock is London’s hidden gem, the former dock has been transformed into an elegant marina with abundance of shops and restaurants. This is my sons favourite place to visit, he wrote about it here. Take a stroll around the marina, look at all of the stunning yachts, you may even get to watch one come in through the lock.

st katherines dock

All of the above would make a perfect weekend for us and even better if we got to stay in a Hotel, staying in the centre of London means you get to the top attractions first nd you can fit more into the day. The Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington is currently offering 50% off connecting rooms this February, March and April, providing even better value for families. (2015)

Available weekends, and every day during half term and Easter, the hotels Family Fun offer gives you the opportunity to spend quality time with your family whilst enjoying the sights and sounds London has to offer.  You won’t need to worry about breakfast either as full English breakfast is included.
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My favourite way to enjoy a sunny day outside

By Jak Wright, age 11

The Mad Blogs Awards are searching for the first ever Kid Blog of the Year, in collaboration with Vita Coco Kids, naturally fruit-flavoured coconut water. I haven’t written on my Mum’s blog for a while now but I am always giving her input on the posts that she writes and most of the posts are about my brothers and me. My last post was Why Bogies are good for us and i have written about bullying and making friends before too.

I would really like to be named the UK’s The First Kid Blog of the year with the Mad Blog Awards so here is my entry into the competition

My favorite way to enjoy a sunny day outside is…

Well, I have many exciting activities to enjoy when I’m outside on a hot, sunny Sunday in the August holidays. First of all I would cannonball into our large luxurious pool and have a swim. Of course I’d have to get out sometime but I would stay in there for 3 hours at least.



When I DO get out I would spend time with my family in London at St Katherine’s dock near the Thames. I love the way the sunshine glitters off the rippling water that crashes against the gleaming white yachts creating white, bubbly foam. I love to watch the boats come in and out of the Docks and hot summer days the sun rays beam down on the chrome railings and glisten on the water. St katherines Dock really is a hidden gem within the city and even more special when your with your family and you can enjoy the surroundings with them.

IMG_8526 IMG_8527 IMG_8528


Watching a yacht come through the barrier into the dock


When I have an excellent school report my parents would buy me any ice cream of my choice. Of course, I choose the biggest, tastiest ice cream available. I’ve tried them all: The Knicker-Bocker Glory, The Banana Boat, The Triple Chocolate Sundae and The 7 Scoop Rainbow Flavour cone with extra extra sprinkles.

There’s nothing like sitting in a hidden gem in London whilst eating a refreshing ice cream and watching the majestic boats glide gracefully along side us, on a boiling, cloudless day. It’s always nice to walk along the River Thames, the views of the Tower Bridge and the shard are so clear on a bright sunny day.





A place like this is always best shared with family



St Katherines Dock is my favorite place to enjoy a sunny day outside, whats yours?

This is my entry into the Kids Mad Blog Award, hope you like it?