Trendy Toddler Shoes

I have a slight shoe fetish at the moment and it’s not for buying a nice pair of high heels or a stunning pair of sparkly flats, No! I can not stop buying shoes for Oliver. As he is now very sturdy on his feet and forever running around I am always on the look out for unusual funky shoes for him to wear but obviously i don’t want to be spending too much on them as Oliver enjoys playing with his feet and takes his shoes off all the time so i do not want to be losing expensive shoes.

I have been looking on ebay and have found some quirky and unusual converse shoes for him. The first pair i bought were some slip ons in brown and white with the design made to look like a cow print. They have little black leather panels down the side of the shoe and have sturdy soles on them. They were brand new and cost me £3.99.

Cute aren’t they?

The next pair was by Little Blue Lamb Blue Leather Squeaky Shoes. These shoes are just so brilliant and Oliver loves them. From the first time i tried them on him he didn’t want to take them off. He has run in them, climbed in them, jumped in them and slept in them, they have been worn in the park, at home, on the farm, on holiday and on the school run and everywhere he goes he squeaks, everyone turns to look at him and i know exactly where he is running off to as i can hear him! The shoes are flexible and soft and however many times he has fallen down and tripped up in them they have not scuffed! What’s even better is if you get fed up with the squeak it can be disabled by removing the squeaky valves in the soles (which i don’t think i ever will)

Beautiful! They cost me £1.99 brand new from Ebay but can be bought brand new from here 

The last pair of shoes i bought are the most adorable things i have ever seen, they are in a size 5 which is way too big for oliver as he is still only in size 2 but i couldn’t resist buying them so i have put them away in the cupboard ready for when they will fit him, which i am hoping will be spring time 😉 They are a pair of gorgeous All Star Converse Sheep shoes, the listing said they had been worn once but they are in a remarkable condition and look like they have never been worn at all, i paid £6.50 for them. They are lovely and soft and actually feel like little teddy bears, Oliver loves them and keeps picking them up and cuddling them.

What do you think?

I think my boy is going to be a very trendy funky little dude in any one of these pair of shoes 🙂

Thank you for reading

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#366 bold boys tights and squeaky fun

Oliver wearing his gorgeous spooky Slugs and Snails boys tights and his squeaky shoes.
He made a right racket in the school corridors this afternoon when we was at the boys parents evening, he spent the whole time staring down at his feet.


Tights from they have a 60% sale on some of their stock including the spooked tights Oliver is wearing

Shoes from Little blue lamb bought from eBay