Phonic Sounds Trees

Joseph has been doing really well with his spellings at home but when it comes to doing his spellings in school he doesn’t seem to be getting them correct. I am doing my utmost to support him more at home but I want to try to make it fun for him as I don’t to put too much pressure on him to learn.

We made some trees by cutting out the shape of a tree out of some card.

Then with another piece of coloured card I wrote out the sound that he is learning in school and words that had the phonics sound in them.

I stuck on the sound in the middle of the tree. We did ‘ai’ and ‘ie’ as he seems to be getting them mixed up.

I cut out all of the words and placed them one at a time in front of him. I asked him to read them by sounding out the letters and blending them all together, once he said the word Joseph then had to choose which tree to put the word on.

We used Blu tack on the back of the words that way you can use the trees again for other sounds.

Once all of the words were on the trees we went through them together and then I asked him if he could think of any other words with the sounds in them.

Joseph really enjoyed this sounds activity and was really pleased with him self for getting them all correct. He told me that it was fun and that he wants to do it again (brilliant, just what I was hoping his reaction would be)




A simple and easy fun activity which doesn’t take long to set up and support your child with their phonics and sounds to help them read and spell. You can re-use the trees by changing the phonic sounds and words.

Thank you for reading 🙂