Creating bubbles with a sock

Do you have lots of odd socks laying around the house?

Want to do something with them instead of just throwing them away?

Why not make a Bubble Sock Blower! What child doesn’t like chasing bubbles

I promise you that this simple and quick activity will keep the children amused for hours.

You will need:
-A plastic drinks bottle
-A sock
-A plate or Tupperware tub
-Washing up liquid
-A little water
-Food dye


1. Cut off the bottom of the plastic bottle (be careful)

2. Stretch an old sock over the bottom of the bottle that you have just cut away. Use an elastic band to secure it in place if need to!

3. Squirt some washing up liquid (or bubble solution) onto the plate or tub and mix with a little bit of water

4. If you want coloured bubbles add some food dye to the bottom of the sock

5. Dip the sock into the soap liquid, swirling it around making sure that it gets a good soaking


6. Now your ready to blow.

7. Blow through the bottle cap (where you normally drink from) don’t suck in as you may end up getting soap in your mouth.


The boys loved there bubble sock blowers and spent a lob time outside, playing together, creating bubbles and having lots of fun. Even the two year old got to play with one